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Ralph Northam claims Virginia can Accommodate New Refugee Resettlements

in Virginia

Gov. Ralph Northam has retorted to the President’s executive order that issues various laws and procedures for the refugee resettlements. Responding to the order that was issued in late September, Northam deliberately and distinctively claimed that the state is ready to accept more refugees.

The executive order by President Donald Trump has provided the state and local government with expected veto power over the resettling refugees and contains three sections. In the first section, the order states that to provide a pathway to the refugees for settlement, the country needs to consult with the State and local governments and consider the preference of state governments as well.

In the second section, the order claims that within 90 days of the executive order, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar will create and administer a process.

The process will ensure that both the state and local governments will provide a written letter agreeing to the refugee resettlement in the State and locality, before the refugees are transferred, in accordance to the Program.

The third and final section of the executive order is a set of general provisions, mentioning that nothing in the order will be interpreted to affect or reduce the authority of the department and the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Moreover, the executive order will be implemented per the law and will be based on the availability of the appropriations.

Gov. Northam, while providing a written consent for the refugee resettlement, said that the state will provide refugee resettlements only in the localities that have given a go-ahead to the plan.

He said, “Virginia’s lights are on and our doors are open, and we welcome new Virginians to make their homes here. In recent years, as the federal government has lowered the number of refugees accepted into the United States, Virginia’s refu­gee number has dropped.”

“We have the capacity to accept and help more refugees than we currently have. The United States has long presented itself as a haven, a place of stability and economic prosperity,” the Governor added.

Northam also mentioned that the state is allowing Iraq and Afghan-based refugees, who have worked in the US military, majorly because of lesser distance between Washington and Virginia.

Amidst continuous controversies with Iraq, refugee resettlement of Iraqi citizens, providing them an opportunity of better living with improved amenities, might provide a new hope to improve the deteriorated US-Iraq relations.

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