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Virginia dominated from the start and won against No. 2 Maryland, at the end of the Field Hockey Season

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The final score was 3-1, Virginia against Maryland, and it was a pretty exciting end to the Field Hockey Season. Sadly for The Terps, they closed the regular season with a pretty dramatic loss.

Virginia’s head coach, Missy Merharg, tried her best to rally up the troops, to no avail. Virginia was just too quick, dominating from the start in Virginia against Maryland field hockey match.

Sunday’s game saw Virginia defender Anzel Viljoen deflect the ball swiftly past the Maryland field hockey goalie, Sarah Holliday, on the team’s first shot of the second half.  That is the goal that ended The Terp’s chance of ending their regular season, with what would have been a fabulous win.

Friday saw Maryland making a fantastic comeback against No. 17 Northwestern. They conceded a second-minute goal to win a share of the Big Ten regular-season title. That was the win that guaranteed Maryland its best regular season record, ever since 2013.

But the Terms just couldn’t get back into Sunday’s game and they fell behind early. They allowed the Cavaliers two great goals within the first ten minutes of the game. Although Maryland looked good in the second half, they couldn’t get back into the game. The late goal by Viljoen disturbed their momentum, they looked flustered and the Cavaliers won by two goals, final score 3-1.

Forward Linnea Gonzales spoke about her disappointment afterward. She said they were digging really deeply and were just getting their energy levels back, especially after their goal, but then – it didn’t happen. In this game, Virginia against Maryland presented a strong stance. She said a win was always going to be possible, it just didn’t happen for them on Sunday.

The Terp’s had fended off the Wildcats to ensure their place in the fourth Big Ten regular season championship. It felt like their game against Virginia, who are placed No 23, would be an easy one.  But it was not, as the score shows.

Virginia dominated. They were swift, they were sleek and they struck early, scoring in the seventh minute and then again just two minutes later. They played deftly, expertly, professionally and with great confidence. The Cavaliers were masters as intercepting Maryland’s passes and they just did not allow the Terps to attack.  They kept them on their back foot the whole time.

The Terps only got to take their first shot in the tenth minute and were no threat to The Cavaliers at any real time.They were not in sync, mentally or physically. Virginia pounced on them, they were ill prepared, and that was it.  Maryland trailed by two goals.

The only goal scored by Gonzales was one of nine attempts. And Viljoen’s penalty off the corner ensured that Maryland closed the field hockey season with their worst loss of the season.

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