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Virginia EMT Alex McNabb Loses Job Post Racist Remarks during a Podcast

in Virginia

Alex McNabb, a Virginia Emergency medical technician (EMT) who made racist remarks, has been ousted of his services by Jeb Stuart Rescue squad after his racist comments came up on a podcast. McNabb differentiated the black patients to gorillas and also professed to take “immense satisfaction” as he “terrorized” an African-American boy with a needle.

The attorney for the Patrick County, Virginia, rescue squad provided a statement from the board stating, “During executive sessions, the pros and cons of Mr. McNabb’s continued relationship with the squad were discussed, a legal opinion from outside legal counsel was shared among the board members, and the board members shared their personal thoughts.”

The reason to fire Alex McNabb was not provided by the board. However, it happened after the board meeting on Sunday. McNabb was on unpaid leave since December, couple of days after his racist remarks arose.

McNabb stated the reason behind such remarks as his right provided by First Amendment and also, those statements were made when he pretended to be a fictional character named, Dr. Narcan.

The agency stated that Alex McNabb was completely discharged of any misconduct by Virginia Department of Health previous month itself from the investigation based only on if “any alleged violations of Virginia’s EMS regulations have occurred”.

After a thorough two months investigation, the health department closed the case after saying it, “determined that there is no substantial evidence to support any violation of the EMS regulations”.

After receiving complaints and expressing concerns over the treatment of patients of color by McNabb and of using racist and anti-Semitic expressions on social media, the department began investigating him.

McNabb, a part-time EMT, is a regular commenter and the co-host of white supremacist podcast called “The Daily Shoah”.

McNabb’s tweet that the comments were a “work of fiction”, trigged the argument if he could provide adequate care to helpless, minority and Jewish patients.

Alex McNabb, in December indicated in a tweet without providing a direct comment that he was a victim of “character assassination”.

When asked in the interview supervised by investigators, McNabb denied of doing anything that can be interpreted as victimizing anyone in patient care. 

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