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Virginia Federal Judge Henry Hudson Cancels his Existing Abortions Orders

in Virginia

Recently, the concept of abortion has been gaining a lot of attention from several US states. The lawmakers in the country have been passing laws, drawing criticism from the opposition and creating a tensed-environment for women.

On Tuesday, Virginia’s Federal Judge Henry Hudson cancelled his earlier orders of allowing non-doctors to perform first-trimester abortions in the country saying that the decision regarding the issue would be prominent in the upcoming trials.

A few days back, Henry Hudson overruled the existing Virginian law wherein only the licensed physicians were allowed to perform the first trimester abortions, thereby giving full authority to the non-doctors. The ones favoring Hudson’s earlier decision of overruling the law have now stood against him.

Antiabortion groups who believed that allowing non-doctors for abortions in the absence of staff and physicians would compromise with women’s health largely welcomed Henry Hudson’s action. The trial that has been set to take place, next week in Richmond, would become a landmark in the history.

More recently, 25 middle-aged men in the country’s Alabama State voted to force a strict ban on abortion. Governor Kay Ivey’s signing of the bill on Wednesday led to an atmosphere of fierce campaigning against her final decision.

Despite being a woman, Governor Ivey’s decision remained unacceptable by the citizens, who harshly criticized the former for depriving the women of their basic rights. The citizens’ fury against the government’s actions on abortion bans and their sympathies towards the women has led to a total chaos in the country.

As per the recent laws in Alabama, the terms of the abortion ban bill would seize to discontinue only if a women’s life is at risk, becoming a serious issue in the society. With no abortion rights, their lives would become a living hell, leading to dire consequences. Thereby, it has taken a form of a controversial battle in Alabama for the protection of women’s constitutional rights.  

Mass refusal for the abortion ban bill might adversely affect the results of the upcoming 2020 elections in the country.

Following the similar approach, some other states in the country have also decided to make abortions illegal after six weeks once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Whereas, in Virginia majority of the population including the NGOs have been opposing Henry Hudson’s reversed decision, raising concerns and claiming it to be an absurd situation. It has also caused agitation amongst the Virginians, as they eagerly waited for the upcoming trials to state their views.

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