February 2, 2023

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Virginia state election winner – Who is the beginning of Trump’s comeback? – Politics abroad

His election victory in the state of Virginia excites conservative America – and hopes that former US President Donald Trump (75) will run for a second term.

Winsome Sears, 37, of Jamaica, grew up in the New York Franks and was the first black woman to win the position of deputy governor.

Sears rejects strict gun laws, and his latest Twitter appearance may be in line with Trump’s taste.

This selfie with assault rifle Winsome Cheers (37) Photo: WinsomeSears / Twitter

To take a selfie with an assault rifle, she wrote: “What you see here is an American dream.”

Biden by choice under high pressure

US President Joe Biden is in crisis following the defeat of Democrats in the state of Virginia.

With the support of Trump, Republican Glenn Young won and became governor.

To US President Joe Biden (78), this is a bitter gossip! Because that too turned out to be a referendum on his politics, in which Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe went swimming.

In New Jersey, however, Biden escaped with a black eye. There, Bill Murphy of the Democrats was re-elected governor. The vote, however, grew into a huge game, although a clear victory was expected by Murphy.

When asked repeatedly whether he was responsible for the poor election results, Biden responded vaguely. Instead, he blamed his own party’s left: they are blocking his vital investment plans for the modernization of roads, bridges, water pipes and Internet networks, and calling for a $ 1.75 trillion package for social benefits and climate protection. Biden has already halved a package to fix Republicans in Congress.

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