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Virginia Treads to Sustainability post 420 MW Deal with Dominion Energy

in Virginia

With the continuous advancement in technology and worsening climate change, the production and usage of safe and clean energy in daily life have become direr. Continuing on the same path, the Dominion Energy and the Government of Virginia has signed a deal for 345MW of solar and 75MW of onshore wind energy, which will power government buildings and facilities.

With this deal, Virginia has taken one more step towards acquiring its aim of producing 30 percent of energy from renewable sources and reducing its carbon emissions as well.

Speaking on the deal signed, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said, “My administration is committed to combating climate change and advancing the clean energy economy. It has been a historic month for renewable energy in the Commonwealth, with this landmark contract, we are continuing to lead by example in cutting emissions, investing in clean energy, and ensuring a healthy world for future generations.”

The Dominion Energy, with this deal, will be looking to change the sources of its energy production which currently includes coal, nuclear power, natural gas, oil, Hydro Power and other renewable and non-renewable sources.

While it is reveling to see the Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam treading the state on the road of delivering sustainable and clean energy production, it is not for the first time, a government has decided to use clean energy.

The countries in the Gulf region have also begun to make sustainable development and increase their usage of renewable energy. Additionally, the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is working on the revolutionary thought of combining the hybrid power plants with battery storage, in an attempt to boost its availability and meet the energy demands.

Dominion Energy Chairman, President, and CEO Thomas Farrell, in response to the deal signed with the government of Virginia, said, “We share Governor Northam’s goal for a cleaner energy future here in Virginia. Working to achieve this goal is the right thing to do for our customers, for communities we serve, for employees and for our business.”

“Partnerships like this one are vital to reducing carbon emissions, and we’re proud to be able to work with the Commonwealth to provide clean energy for its operations across Virginia,” he added.

With increasing calls for the efforts to combat climate change and upcoming state elections in November, it remains yet to be seen if the Democrats can get the climate activists support and ultimately gain majority in the state legislature, especially after their deal with Dominion Energy.

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