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Virginians Elect Joe Morrissey, Ignoring Sexual Misconduct Allegations

in Virginia

As per the results of the primary Virginian elections that took place in the State on Tuesday, Virginian Democrat Joe Morrissey, who earlier served a jail sentence of six months in 2015, won the elections for the state’s 16th Senate District.

The 61-year-old former state legislator has been earlier accused of having sex with his secretary, who was a teenager. Even though Morrissey has denied the accusations, the court found him guilty in 2015 to a criminal offence, which further added to the crime of his misconduct with the minor.

Morrissey, who was in his fifties during the scandal, married to his 17-years-old teenage secretary, who worked at his law office, in June 2016. He even accepted the paternity of her son, who was born during that period, as his responsibility.

Even with the jail-sentence, Joe Morrissey somehow managed to continue serving in the state legislature.

By defeating senator Rosalyn Dance by over 10 points in the primary elections, despite Gov. Ralph Northam’s active support towards her campaign, Morrissey has proved himself to be worthy of a Democrat regardless of being involved in the scandal with a minor.

The Republican leaders mocked Joe Morrissey on his win in the elections by tweeting. While congratulating him, they wrote, “You’ll fit right in with [Virginia Lt. Gov.] Justin Fairfax”, referring to sexual misconduct allegations against Fairfax by two separate women.

Despite the mocks and accusations, Morrissey’s supporters stood in his favor saying, “People try to blow things up more than what it is”. Believing the fact that none of the humans are perfect, the Virginian Democrats also congratulated him.

The current win-lose situation in the State is a clear depiction of what the voters want in the upcoming 2020 elections. The existing ranks in Virginia show that the Democrats might have a good chance to win the control over both the Senate and the House. Irrespective of the past accusations, Joe Morrissey won the primary elections and this sends a clear message of what the public has in their mind before voting to choose their representative.

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