February 1, 2023

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Volcanic eruption threatens Canary Islands

A lot of earthquakes, they are getting stronger: the government of the Canary Islands has declared the volcanic alert level yellow. It is about a mountain – mistakenly – associated with apocalyptic destruction.

On the Canary Islands Palm Authorities are preparing to erupt the Gumbre Viza volcano. The Canary Islands Volcano Research Institute says the quake over the past few days has “shown a significant change in the activity of the volcano.” People were called upon to carefully follow civil defense messages.

Regional Government Canaries Implemented a special program for disaster control and emergency preparedness in the event of volcanic hazards (Povolka), which provides increased surveillance. The warning lights were set in yellow in four places: Funcalion, Los Lanos de Ariden, El Paso and Maso. Currently there is not much risk to people. The capital Santa Cruz de la Palma has not yet been affected. Warning level yellow is the second of four warning levels. In orange, it is advised not to approach the volcano; In red, it explodes.

El Paso and Cumbre Viza: This location is one of four communities in La Palma that have been given a warning level yellow. Earthquake activity indicates new possible eruption of volcano 50 years later. (Source: imageBROKER / Harry Laub)

The last eruption was in 1971

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

After a volcanic eruption in 1971, in which two people died, it was quiet for a long time. There has been another earthquake in La Palma since 2017 – now ten. The latest series since the weekend with more than 400 small earthquakes has been significantly stronger than previous clusters. Earthquakes also occur at shallow depths, indicating that the magma is rising. Earlier eruptions in La Palma were accompanied by strong tremors.

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Gumbre Viza is a 14 km long volcanic chain in the south of the island, reaching an altitude of almost 2,000 meters above sea level and providing trekkers in the National Park of the same name in view of the neighboring islands Tenerf, La Gomera and El Hierro Byte.

The mega-tsunami theory hit the headlines

For years, a tsunami around the world has been causing havoc around the world, threatening hundreds of meters high with waves hundreds of meters high from Gumbre Viza. It made headlines as “the most threatening volcano on earth” (“Weiner Jeetung”).

Background: In a one-kilometer-long rift, one side of the mountain can sink into the Atlantic. This study returns to the publication of the Benfield Craig Hazard Research Center in London and the University of California. Researchers have declared such a catastrophe possible, but it could take up to thousands of years.

There is now a broad consensus in science that this situation is quite impossible – the mountain must be considerably higher than that. In addition, the effects of landslides may be weaker than tidal waves with large rises and falls. “It has nothing to do with La Palma’s mega-tsunami,” science journalist Lars Fischer summed up.

However, local authorities are taking the volcano seriously: there are also emergency plans for large-scale evacuations in the drawers.