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Voters Support Stricter Gun Policies Ahead of Virginia State Elections

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In a recently conducted Schar School poll by the Washington Post, voters pointed out the key factors that might impact the Virginia state elections more than expected. The poll was conducted with 876 adults from mobile and telephone and contained a margin of five percentage.

During the poll, voters expressed their opinion not only on Gov. Ralph Northam but also on how much the state election depends on policies like gun reforms, economy, education, abortion, and healthcare policies.

As per the poll results, 91 percent of the voters consider gun policy, a major issue for the upcoming state elections that will determine if the Democrats or GOP members will take control of the state. This comes as good news for the Democrats and there’s a possibility that following the Virginia state elections, the color of state legislature might change from red to blue.

Apart from the gun policy, Virginian voters consider policies based on education and economy of the state as major factors on which state elections depend.

The Schar School poll also showed that the approval ratings and the support of Gov. Ralph Northam has increased from the last time the poll was conducted and when the Gov. was amidst the Blackface controversy.

47 percent of the voters have admitted that the Democratic Gov. is justifying his job as the state governor. On the other hand, 56 percent of voters have claimed that the perspective on Gov. Northam has played a key role in deciding the vote in upcoming Virginia state elections. Moreover, 34 percent of the voters in the state have claimed themselves as the supporter of the Democratic Party.

Not only have the Virginian voters claimed gun policy a top issue to decide the fate of state elections in November, but also voiced their opinion on gun control laws. 58 percent of the state voters supported the need for stricter gun laws in the state.

In the poll, the voters also supported a statewide ban on the sale of assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition clips and background checks on all gun buyers. Furthermore, the voters also supported the establishment of the state law authorizing the law enforcement to take guns away from people who are marked as danger to themselves or others by a judge and restricting the state residents to buy more than one handgun per month.

The state residents and the Democratic members of the state party have found a chord since the horrific incident of Virginia Beach Shooting at Municipal Corporation on May 31.

It won’t come as a surprise if Democrats manage to take control of both the Senate and the House of the state legislature, with a win at the Virginia state elections, since the Democrats have managed to strike a chord with the state voters.

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