November 30, 2022

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War in Ukraine: Essay by Paul Ronsheimer: “They Came to Die” | Politics

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“You came to die”

When I see the corpses of Russian soldiers lying in the street among clothes and tin cans, I ask myself: should these Russians be pitied? They went to war against Ukraine and committed war crimes by killing many people.

As I walk down the street in newly liberated Lyman, a Ukrainian soldier asks the same question. “Look at their faces,” he tells me. “You came here to die. I ask myself why?”

Early in the war there was much talk of “Putin’s War” and the propaganda these men were subjected to. But that’s only half the story.

Many polls show that the men who fall here are motivated by hatred. Hatred of Ukrainians and the West as a whole.

An intense hatred made this war possible in the first place. The Boucha war crimes and the Izyum torture were not personally ordered and executed by Putin. They were made by these young Russians who are now lying dead in the streets here and there.

BILD reporter Paul Ronsheimer in the city of Lyman where he was released Sunday


The Kremlin acts as if Russians are continuing the struggle of their grandparents who fought the murderous Nazis across Europe. Then the fallen Russians (mostly along with the Ukrainians) died as heroes. Now the Russians are dying as invaders in foreign lands, where no one is waiting for them, fighting imaginary Nazis. They die as hated war criminals.

Can any of the pictures taken by BILD of dead Russian soldiers be replaced? Wake up the Russians?

Hopes for this are slim as the Russian government falsifies death tolls. The defense minister says fewer than 6,000 died, but the reality is many times higher. British intelligence estimates that 40,000 Russians died.

While many young educated Russians try to escape military service, there are many who are old, illiterate and poor. Millions of them are to be sent to the front. Many of them will kill first in Ukraine – and then die like the Russians on Lyman Street.

Because they don’t want to hear the truth and live in their extreme madness. I’m sorry they don’t realize that.

Image at Lyman Ukrainians celebrate liberation

Source: IMAGE


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