December 6, 2022

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War in Ukraine: Hero’s grandfather drove 1000 kilometers to save his family – News Abroad

Touch, touch yet, this grandfather!

The courage of Valentyn Mykolayovych is currently moving the internet. Despite his age, the 84-year-old drove more than 1,000 kilometers to save his family. This was reported by UNICEF Ukraine on Facebook.

Accordingly, the family had been hiding in the basement of their house in the village of Stepov, home to 118 people for almost a month. After the supplies ran out and Mother Maria was almost killed by Russian bombs, the Mykolayivs decided to flee.

Valentin’s grandfather, the only member of the family who knew how to drive a car, got behind the wheel and drove the car. His son, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and the family’s touchant also got into the car.

Family of five and hero-grandfather Valentyn Mykolayovych recovering from adversityPhoto: UNICEF Ukraine

First we went to a refugee center in the nearby town of Saboria. The Ukrainians then made the arduous journey west to Ivano-Frankivsk. More than 1000 km in total. Currently the family is safe.

Crazy: Veerath’s grandfather had never driven so far in his life. But his fear for his loved ones made it possible. Valentyn Mykolayovych says: “I played with bullets as a child. And I do not want my grandchildren to have such a childhood. ”

There are still enough reasons to leave Ukraine. Putin’s bombs are still raining down on civilians. Now Russia is once again threatening the West: and the supply of arms could “heat up” the conflict and have “unpredictable consequences.” Read the full story here.

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