October 3, 2022

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War on Ukraine: Scholes announces new weapons supply

Status: 08/24/2022 01:26 am

Germany wants to supply more than 500 million euros worth of weapons in addition to anti-aircraft systems, armored recovery vehicles and anti-drone equipment. Regardless, the Panzer ring exchange with Slovakia also begins.

President Olaf Scholes has announced extensive arms deliveries to Ukraine. Among other things, Kyiv is to receive three more Iris-T air defense systems and a dozen armored recovery vehicles, a government spokesman confirmed to the dpa news agency during the president’s visit to Canada. Also to be delivered are 20 rocket launchers equipped with pick-ups, precision munitions and anti-drone equipment.

Collectively, this is about more than 500 million euros worth of weapons. The speaker said the funds are yet to be released by the budget committee. The weapons are to be delivered “mainly in 2023”, “some significantly earlier”. A government spokesman explained that this is the beginning of a steady modernization of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Scholz: Help Ukraine as long as it needs help

From Canada, Scholz attended an online summit hosted by Ukraine that addressed the issue of the return of Russian-occupied Crimea. He pledged continued support for Ukraine: “The international community will never accept Russia’s illegal, imperialist annexation of Ukrainian territory,” the SPD politician said. Ukraine’s allies are united like never before. “I assure you: Germany stands firmly by Ukraine as long as Ukraine needs our support.”

Germany, together with its partners, will maintain economic sanctions against Russia, provide financial aid, provide arms, and participate in reconstruction. “I firmly believe that Ukraine will overcome the dark shadow of war – because it is strong, courageous and united in its struggle for independence and sovereignty,” the president said. “Because she has friends in Europe and all over the world.”

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The Ambassador of Ukraine welcomed the announcement

Andriy Melnyk, Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador, welcomed the announced new arms delivery to his country. “We are grateful for these commitments,” Melnyk said in ZDF’s “heute journal update”. At the same time, he expressed hope that “other weapons that can be delivered quickly will also reach Ukraine.”

“The latest announcement about ‘weapons that won’t be available until next year,'” the ambassador explained. “You know, it’s every day before winter.” It was important for his country to show that it could win the war against Russia militarily, and only then would there be a chance for negotiations and a lasting peace. Melnik October 14 Date leaves Germany and is controversial for his often harsh criticism of the government’s Ukraine policy.

Ring exchange begins with Slovakia

Irrespective of the new announcements, the Union Ministry of Defense said that the exchange of tank rings with Slovakia will now begin. A declaration was signed between Slovakia and Germany in Bratislava: in exchange for the delivery of 30 Soviet-designed infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, Slovakia would receive 15 German Panther 2 A4 main battle tanks. The first tank should arrive with the Slovak army later this year.

It will also be the first ring exchange where tanks will come from stock of German industry. “By delivering the Leopard package, Germany is keeping its word,” said Defense Minister Lambrecht. In addition to the tanks, Slovakia will receive an ammunition, training and logistics package.

The United States plans the largest collection to date

The US is reportedly planning to announce another military aid package on Wednesday. August 24 is Ukrainian Independence Day, exactly six months ago when the Russian offensive began. The package is said to be worth $3 billion, the largest for Ukraine to date. Unlike previous packages, it is primarily aimed at improving Ukraine’s medium- and long-term defense capabilities, and the training of Ukrainian soldiers is part of it.

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