September 26, 2022

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War on Ukraine: US government sees new momentum

Status: 09/14/2022 02:55 am

Given Ukrainian gains in the region, the US sees a new dynamic in Russia’s war of aggression. At the same time, however, President Biden cautioned against premature optimism.

Given the military successes of Ukrainian troops, the US government sees a new dynamic in the war with Russia. “I think what you’re seeing is definitely a change, a momentum, in Ukraine’s armed forces, especially in the north,” said John Kirby, director of communications for the National Security Council, who said he wanted to leave that up to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. To determine if a turning point has been reached.

US President Joe Biden, when asked by reporters if there had been a turning point in the war, said it was difficult to say. According to journalists traveling with him, Biden emphasized that the Ukrainians have made significant progress during a visit to Wilmington, Delaware. But it will be a long way.

US: Withdrawal, not restoration

Kirby said of the latest development, “I don’t want to speak for the foreign military, but I think we’ve seen the Russians in the north vacate their defensive positions and retreat.”

Russian troops would have abandoned their battle positions and left their supplies. “They call it a displacement, but it is certain that the Ukrainian forces clearly saw the attack and retreated.” At the same time, Kirby emphasized that Russia continues to have superior military capabilities.

Connection to the conflict in the Caucasus?

Regarding the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus, Kirby said it was difficult to talk about the motivation for the renewed conflict. Russia has traditionally been considered Armenia’s protecting power in the Caucasus. However, due to the six-month war of aggression in Ukraine, the Russian military’s forces are largely tied up.

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So some leaders may think that Russia is busy elsewhere, Kirby said when asked if Azerbaijan is currently taking advantage of this. “But even here we have to be careful with speculation.”