May 26, 2022

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War – The Kremlin provokes civil unrest

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In: Victor Funk

Moscow shifts its campaign to cover losses and mobilize – Victor Funk’s analysis.

FRANKFURT / MOSCOW – If anyone trusts the official Russian newspaper Rosiejskaja Geseta, The then Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the world of a nuclear war. “Russia’s policy position is to prevent a nuclear war,” Lavrov said on television on Monday evening. “The risk should not be underestimated.”

For years it was like this: Russia It warns of the dangers it creates itself. At any time in history Ukraine There was even persecution or “genocide” against people who considered themselves Russians. But as long as Moscow accepts this fairy tale realistically in Russia, despite the contradictions of native relatives in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. © dpa

Russia has been warning of a nuclear war since its occupation of Ukraine

Again after the war of aggression against Ukraine Moscow If Western countries provide military support to Ukraine, a nuclear war will break out. Lavrov added Monday that weapons and ammunition supplied by Western nations would be considered legitimate targets for Russian forces.

As genocide lies and accusations against Western nations intensify the war, Moscow is concerned with Western audiences, but even more so with its own audience. Both addresses face unpredictability: Moscow is suspending military aid to Ukraine because of its potential use of nuclear weapons and the inability of Western nations to assess its feasibility. As the Russian public continues to be bombarded with statements of dangerous Western motives, the desire to defend itself against an imaginary enemy increases. More often, therefore, there is talk of a struggle against them NATO.

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Remains of Russian bombs collected in Kharkiv.
Remains of Russian bombs collected in Kharkiv. © AFP

Invasion of Ukraine: Officially, this is not a war in Russia

The reason for this rhetorical strategy is the problems of the Russian military in Ukraine. Igor Kirkin, a Russian nationalist and commander of pro-Russian forces in Donetsk in 2014, laments the lack of motivation and poor mobilization of Russian troops in Russia. On his Telegram channel, he harshly criticized Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and said that Ukraine was behaving “quite adequately” militarily.

There are many news about the funerals of fallen soldiers on Russian social networks. That scares. Professional soldiers leave their jobs or refuse to send to Ukraine.

Since Russia is not officially engaged in war, it cannot mobilize under war conditions. However, according to the Kremlin – if it is to “defend” itself against the West, a general mobilization may follow. It is currently not possible for this to happen without resistance. The aim of the risk campaign is to reduce resistance and increase the desire to go to war. (Victor Funk)