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Will Warren’s Proposal to Explain Wealth Tax Yield Positive Results?

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For a long time, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been dominating the 2020 presidential race amongst her Democratic rivals, with rarely struggling for an answer to a question related to one of her policies. The other reason for the domination of the Massachusetts Sen. in the 2020 race is her policies like Wealth Tax, Medicare for All and tackling Climate Change.

However, the Massachusetts Sen. has for long struggled to strike a chord with the businessmen. And the key reason for the disagreement has been her policies of imposing high taxes on the rich, either to provide Medicare for All or to boost the economy of the country.

Since, funding is really important to continue dominating the 2020 presidential race, and seeing the current stance of Warren, it seems she must now start treading carefully. She has to ensure her policies and her perception on resolving key issues concerning all-sections of the American society has a maximum overreach and for that she needs the support of billionaire businessmen.

Although the Massachusetts Sen. has come in the good books of the middle-class and low-income society of the country with Wealth Tax and major tax deduction, it would be a waste if her campaign is stopped mid-way due to lack of funding.

With one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates skeptic of Warren, it seems that she needs to put in more effort to get the billionaires on the same page with her.

Speaking at a press conference, Gates said, “I’ve paid over $10bn in taxes. I’ve paid more than anyone in taxes. If I had to pay $20bn, it’s fine. But when you say I should pay $100bn, then I’m starting to do a little math over what I have leftover.”

In response, Warren expressed the desire to have a meet-up with the founder of Microsoft. She offered to explain the working of her policy and how he would remain unaffected, despite the criticism her policies have garnered and how they are created with the main idea to oppose the rich.

Policies like Wealth Tax, Medicare for All have received major backlash even from the fellow democratic rivals, increasing the possibility of her popularity amidst the masses to reduce.

However, Warren has risen to one of the top Democratic hopefuls by addressing every section of the society with her policies and her answers, either at the town hall meeting or during the Democratic debates.

Besides, the candidacy of Warren would strengthen big time, if she gets Bill Gates to back her policies and her campaign, seeing he has major popularity amongst all sections of society, which include rich billionaires Warren Buffet.

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