December 4, 2022

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Warship “Moscow” sinks – video shows crew recovering from Russia

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The cause of the sinking of the Russian warship “Moscow” in the Ukrainian war must be clarified. The Russian version is called propaganda.

+++ 8.15pm: Following the sinking of the Russian warship Moskva, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing the ship’s crew. Russia’s Commander-in-Chief Nikolai Yevmenov met with sailors in Sevastopol, the agency said. The city on the Crimean peninsula is the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The video, which lasts about half a minute, shows dozens of young people in black uniforms. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many there are. According to a DPA report, some users on Twitter believe that there may not have been the 500 or more crew members who were supposed to be on board at the time of the accident. A Ukrainian military spokesman had previously said that personnel could not be rescued before the sinking of the “Moscow” ship, with Russia announcing the complete evacuation of personnel (see report from 3:20 pm)

Russia’s warship “Moskva”: According to Ukraine, the crew was not evacuated on time

+++ 3.20pm: According to a Ukrainian military spokesman, the “Moscow” crew – about 500 people – could not be rescued before the ship sank. The Russian account is different: already on Wednesday night until Thursday night, Russia announced that the group of “Moskva” had been completely expelled.

+++ 1:05 pm: According to Kiev, the captain of the sinking Russian missile ship “Moscow” has died, according to “Anton Kubrin, Captain 1st Rank, commander of the cruiser ‘Moscow’, died in an explosion and fire on the former flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” Kherashenko wrote on his Telegram channel, N-TV.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed Kubrin’s death, according to Ukraine’s state border service. However, no information about the captain’s death was available on the ministry’s website or on its social media channels.

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Updated Saturday, April 16, 2022, from 6:45 PM: In Ukraine, a stamp has become a collection item, like a Ukrainian soldier pointing a finger at a Russian warship. Hundreds of Ukrainians lined up for hours at the main post office in Kiev on Friday to receive copies of the stamp. The postage stamp gained new meaning after the sinking of the Russian Black Sea Navy’s flagship “Moscow”.

However, the background story of the theme lies in the early days of the war in February. At that moment, the Ukrainian border guards on the small snake island shouted “Fuck you” towards the Russian ship that had surrendered. Radio news went around the world and became a symbol of Ukrainian opposition.

Russia’s first Russian missile ship, the Black Sea Fleet, anchored in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on September 11, 2008. (Archive photo) © Uncredited / dpa

Warship “Moskva”: cause of sinking clarified – Russia insists on an accident

+++ 8.15pm: The cause of the sinking of the Russian warship “Moskva” must be clarified: The United States has said it was hit by a missile from Ukraine. Asked not to be named, a senior U.S. Defense Department official said the main ship of Russia’s Black Sea Navy was attacked by two Neptune missiles. He confirmed the information of the Ukrainian military, which reported on the Ukrainian rocket impact “Moskva”.

Russia, on the other hand, emphasizes the unfortunate situation: according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, there was an accident on the ship where explosives were allegedly detonated. The fire spread in the explosion, causing damage to the aircraft’s body. The ship was then evacuated before sinking in the storm. According to report, experts evaluate the Russian version as propaganda. Siddharth Kaushal, a naval expert at the Royal United Service Institute in London, considers the Ukrainian offensive credible. Ukraine had the weapons for it, and the “Moscow” snake drove a relatively expected course around the island.

German meteorologist Georg Kasselmann considers the Russian representation to be nonsense. “These are lies from a time when you did not know what the weather was like elsewhere,” he wrote on Twitter, referring to publicly available weather data. “Moscow ‘certainly did not sink because of the storm,” Cassellman said.

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The “Moscow” warship sank: what are the consequences of the loss to the Russian Navy

+++ 5pm: The reasons for the sinking of “Moskva” are not yet clear. Ukraine also claims that the warship was sunk by a missile attack. Maybe they can too Turkish Bayraktar-TB2 drones For example, it was used to divert air defense.

+++ 2pm: According to the United States, the sinking of “Moscow” has had implications for the Russian Navy’s operational capability in the Ukraine war. The Russian ship played a “key role” in Russia’s efforts to establish “naval dominance in the Black Sea,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told CNN.

Russian warship “Moskva”, photographed in December 2015. (Archive photo) © Zhang Jiye / XinHua / dpa

With the loss of Moscow, the Russian Navy loses a lot of firepower. Your warships can now be targeted by coastal batteries. This is because Ukraine protects anti-ship missiles from Great Britain in addition to its home-made “Neptune” missiles. To avoid these missiles, Russian warships would have to increase the distance to the coast. Landing maneuvers are very rare, as they are in Odessa.

Ukraine War: British Secret Service comments on sunken warship “Moscow”

+++ 1pm: British intelligence has released a status report on the Russian navy. It says the situation after the sinking of the Moscow warship should be reconsidered: “The ship is one of three ‘Slava-class cruisers’ in the Russian navy.” The second time was damage to important naval equipment. May 24, 2022 mark the Ukrainian attack on the ship “Saratov” in the port of Perkitsk.

“Both events will prompt Russia to reconsider its maritime status in the Black Sea,” the British intelligence report said.

+++ 07.45 am: According to the US Department of Defense, the death toll from the sinking of the Russian warship “Moscow” is “impossible”. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said there were up to 500 soldiers on board. “I do not know how many people were killed. We found evidence of lifeboats and some sailors were able to abandon the ship, “he told CNN.

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“But if it was hit by a missile – even if it was an internal explosion that burned ammunition, as the Russians say – you might have been killed and wounded on board.” According to a Ukrainian military spokesman, the ship was attacked. “Neptune” type rocket warship (see first report). The Kremlin denied this and spoke of the explosion of ammunition on board and the effect of the rough seas.

Russia’s first Russian missile ship, the Black Sea Fleet, anchored in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on September 11, 2008. (Archive photo) © Uncredited / dpa

First Report on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 7:00 p.m .: Kiev / Odessa – On Thursday (April 14, 2022), the Russian military captured its most important warship. Ukraine war* Lost. It is a missile ship called the Moskva, part of the Black Sea Fleet. At the Ministry of Defense Moscow* Spoke of the fact that the warship lost its “balance” and sank in heavy seas. According to the Kremlin, ammunition exploded on the ship. Instead, the Ukrainian armed forces claimed that “Moscow” had been sunk. Has so far It is not clear who or what actually caused the warship to sink There is.

Sergei Prachuk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military in the port city of Odessa, announced that “Moscow” had been attacked by Ukrainian “Neptune” type missiles. Volodymyr Zelenskyy*, Chairman Ukraine*, Referring to the sinking Russian warship in a video address, praising “those who showed that Russian ships can go down.”

“Severe blow” to Russia in the Ukraine war: the warship “Moscow” sank

The U.S. government has hailed it as a “big blow” to the Navy RussiaS *. U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told CNN that the missile-equipped ship played a “key role” in the Russian military’s efforts to establish “naval dominance in the Black Sea.”

The “Moskva”, built during the Soviet era, along with other ships of the Black Sea Navy, blocked the southern Ukrainian port of Mariupol: For weeks there has been great suffering, dominated by “hunger and need.”* (dpa / AFP with tu / jfw) * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.