December 9, 2022

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Washington: The attacker killed a policeman in the American capital

Neighboring countries Washington

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. Killed a policeman in the Capitol – half the flags across the country

“Police chief warns of further dangers”

The assailant walks into two police officers in the Capitol, and one officer dies. The act of bringing back memories that struck the seat of the US Congress three months ago. US Reporter Nancy Lancenderfer with more information.

Again, Capitol is the target of an attack: a driver in Washington attacks police officers and then wants to wreak havoc with a knife. He is detained and killed. A policeman dies.

KWithin three months of the American Capitol violence by an angry mob, the attacker killed a policeman and seriously wounded another in front of a heavily guarded parliament building. The man drove into two police officers on a driveway to Congress headquarters in the capital, Washington, and then attacked a barricade.

The attacker’s car can be seen in the first photos

Quell: AB / J. Scott Applewhite

The attacker immediately stabbed other officers and ignored warnings, which is why security forces stopped him by firing, police said Friday (local time). Shortly afterwards the culprit was pronounced dead.

Robert Conte, the police chief in the US capital, Washington, said that according to initial findings, the law did not appear to have a terrorist background. There is no evidence that there is a further threat to Congress or residents.

U.S.  Incident at Capitol - Man police barricade

Robert Kandy, Chief of Police in the Capital

Source: dpa / Alex Brandon

The Capitol, the seat of the US Congress’ two chambers, was temporarily cordoned off due to the incident. Congress does not have a session day, however, and there are no senators or members of parliament on this campus.

The flags of the United States were partially hoisted until Tuesday by order of President Joe Biden, in honor of the mission and to the victims of the Capitol Police. Biden spoke about a tragic incident and said he would be informed of the status of the investigation. He expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, chair of the House of Representatives, described the slain officer as “a martyr for our democracy.”

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The policeman, William Evans, died of his injuries after the attack. As their managing director explained, he had been in the service of the Capitol Police for 18 years.

According to police, the so-called northern block of the area will be temporarily closed due to ongoing investigations into the crime. The pictures there showed a blue middle-class car that ran upside down with the words “Stop” against a metal barrier anchored to the ground.

The campus is still heavily preserved

The entire complex of US Congress seats is still heavily guarded as angry supporters of former President-elect Donald Trump attack on January 6. Last week, however, security measures were reduced slightly. The outer fence that protected the area around the Congress headquarters was removed. The streets that were and were rounded up within this circle were reopened.

However, National Guard soldiers are still supporting the security forces. Capitol Police insisted last week that it was ready at any time to immediately resume security operations if necessary.

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“It’s very sad because once the sanctions are lifted, I hope we return to a certain level of normalcy. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, “Events like this are a reminder of the courage and talent of defense professionals and our shared commitment to protecting this great country and its institutions.”

After a violent attack by Congress in January, the Capitol police fired back as parliament security forces were unable to stop the attack. The police chief resigned. At least five people were killed in the riots, including a Capitol police officer. The FBI classifies the building storm as domestic terrorism.

U.S.  Incident at Capitol - Man police barricade

National Guard soldiers U.S. They stand safely outside the Capitol

They are: dpa / Patrick Semansky

Congress should recognize US President Biden’s election victory on the day of the attack. Unwilling to admit his defeat, then-incumbent Trump provoked his supporters with a protest in front of the White House immediately before attacking Capitol. Democrats blamed him for these events and began a successful indictment in the House of Representatives, which, however, failed in the Senate due to a required two-thirds majority.

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