December 10, 2022

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Weather America: Storm “Elsa” floods New York – News Abroad

The New York subway is world famous – soaking wet!

The reason is “Elsa”. A tropical storm struck U.S. land in Florida on Wednesday, moving the coast northeast. On Friday he reached the metropolis of New York.

“Elsa” caused damage to flooded streets and uprooted trees. Rail transport and water are not available to the people.

A truck rushes into the water left by “Elsa”Photo: J. Conrad Williams Jr. / AAP

The wind speed in the high valleys went up to 85 kilometers per hour and it rained from the sky. More water for the tunnel system that has been in operation for over 100 years.

The videos show New Yorkers rising to the waist. Many subway stations are no longer under control.

This woman was surprised by the gas in the air

This woman was surprised by the gas in the airPhoto: Mark Lennyhan / A.P.

“We are now waiting for the water to recede,” Joe Soto said. He is the city’s emergency manager. “The drainage system was simply overloaded.”

Sarah Feinberg, chairwoman of the New York City Transportation Authority, wrote in an email: “We coped well with the storm.”

These surfers use the base of a tropical storm

These surfers use the base of a tropical storm Photo: Spencer Flat / AFP

Damage has also occurred in other parts of the country. In Florida, a man was killed when a tree fell on his car.

The tropical storm hit the coast in the southern state at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. However, in the last three days, “Elsa” has lost strength.

Nevertheless, there was a lot of damage in other states, mainly due to heavy rains. In Georgia “Elsa” blew a mobile house over 50 meters into the air.

In South Carolina, the Coast Guard had to rescue a family whose boat was stranded in a deserted area. An additional hurricane made landfall in North Carolina.

Many died in the Caribbean. The storm there was still classified as a hurricane.

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