December 5, 2022

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Weather: Experts expect a warm summer on average

Northwestern Europe is unlikely to experience temperatures above the long-term average this summer in only a few parts of the world. These are in the sample calculations Based forecast The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced on Tuesday. This also applies to South Asia and the northern part of South America.

Northern people Mediterranean Sea However, in southeastern Europe, they should be prepared for a dry summer: the probability of rainfall falling below the long-term average from 1993 to 2009 has increased.

Otherwise, the WMO expects the average air temperature in the Northern Hemisphere to be above average between June and August. This applies above all to North America, North Asia and the central and western parts of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia And neighboring countries.

La Nina goes

One reason for the above average temperature is the end of the La Nina weather event. La Nina and its counterpart, Boy, Appear every few years and describe the cooling or warming of surface water Pacific. This has a global impact on the weather.

WMO Secretary-General Better Talas said La Nina was providing a temporary cooling effect. “That means, by the latest standards, 2021 has started to be relatively cold. But that should not lead us to the misconception that climate change has stalled,” he said.

“La Nina event 2020-2021 is over, neutral conditions are expected in the coming months,” he wrote to the WMO news service. Twitter. According to system analyzes, the probability of a neutral situation is 78 percent. La Nina is likely to continue to lower temperatures in the coming months, on the other hand, by only 20 percent.

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