October 7, 2022

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Weather: Hail in Spain! Child (1) Death | news

Grains bigger than tennis balls |

Child (1) killed by hailstorm in Spain

Incredible views from Spain!

A devastating hailstorm hit the Catalan town of La Bispal de l’Emporta, northeast of Barcelona – killing a one-year-old girl. 30 people suffered fractures, cuts and head injuries.

The hailstorm started around 7.30 pm on Tuesday Local media Should last 15 minutes. Hailstones are sometimes larger than tennis balls. Cars, buildings, solar panels – all are broken or at least dented. Doctors fought for the girl’s life throughout the night. Died this morning of severe head injuries.

In the following video Twitter A city-dweller can see hailstones falling in his pool. They hit the water like stones at high speed, high fountains splashed, the size is impressive.

Meteorologists claim the biggest hailstorm in 20 years. More storms are expected in the area this Wednesday. Severe storms are also forecast for eastern Spain after intense heatwaves over land and the Mediterranean.

Badly damaged car at La Bisbal de l’Emporta: It’s hard to understand the force of such large hailstones

Photo: Glòria Sánchez/dpa


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