December 9, 2022

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Week 4 in the NFL Power Rankings: Where do the Bears stand after the win against Texas

Week 4 in the NFL Power Rankings: Where do the Bears stand after the win against Texas

Last Sunday, I asked if any team from the NFL was really good. I will double that after the Sunday of the third week.

When the dust settled after a busy day, only 14 teams were above 0.500. One is the Bears, who won the food fight against the Houston Texans on Sunday with quarterback Justin Fields throwing just 106 yards in the win. One is the New York Giants, who face the Cooper Rush on Monday.

The Browns piloted by Jacoby Brissett and the revived Denver Broncos and Jaguars train wrecks are also above 0.500.
On Sunday, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert all lost.

Eagles and dolphins are standing on top of the league. Bills, bosses, and crows in their wake.

The rest of the league is in disarray.

This is where each team stands after the events of Week Three on Sunday.

32. Las Vegas Raiders (0-3): When can Josh McDaniels return to Foxboro to help save Mac Jones’ career? Head training is nothing of his own.

31 – Seattle Seahawks (1-2): At the very least, the Seahawks should have been happy with the quantities they got for a seemingly washed-out Russell Wilson.

30 – New York Jets (1-2): Looks like Zach Wilson might be back in the fourth week. A draining season combined with Robert Saleh’s career as head coach.

29 – Houston Texans (0-2-1): Texas plays hard with Luffy Smith. That’s all you can ask of a team that’s still making their way to find the ground floor to rebuild.

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28. Atlanta Falcons (1-2): Get the ball Kyle Bates.

27. Washington Leaders (1-2): Carson Wentz had a disaster on Sunday against the Eagles. He was fired nine times and only threw for 211 yards in an embarrassing performance.

26. Tennessee Titans (1-2): Derek Henry had 65 yards after calling on Sunday against the Raiders. Whether this says more about him or the invaders remains to be seen.

25. Chicago Bears (2-1): The record means nothing. Justin Fields has completed only 23 passes this season and It seemed like Sunday. Things will get worse. Much worse.

24. New Orleans Saints (1-2): Who has seen a team led by Dennis Allen play poorly? Right. everybody.

23. Carolina Panthers (1-2): Would Matt Rowley prefer moving to Omaha, Auburn or Atlanta?

22. Detroit Lions (1-2): The Lions missed an opportunity to beat the Vikings on Sunday. The fourth week brings at least a date with the Seahawks.

21 – Arizona Cardinals (1-2): The Cardinals still have to take the lead in the organization in three weeks. It seems noteworthy.

20 – Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2): I’ve seen enough of Mitchell Trubesky. It’s Beckett time.

19. New England Patriots (1-2): McJones’ decision and ball security were two positives that came out of the draft. who – which This was not the case this chapter. Perhaps Bill Belichick should have invested in a quarterback coach to teach the future of the franchise.

18. Dallas Cowboys (1-1): Cowboys-Giants should be a real Monday night fest. But there is no way it could be worse than what Bronco and 49ers have just shown. right?

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17. New York Giants (2-0): The Giants defeated Cooper Rush and Justin Fields from the start of the season 4-0. I want to get off this trip.

16 – Indianapolis Colts (1-1-1): The Colts have kept Chiefs under 20 points for only the sixth time since the start of the 2018 season. Take a bow, Gus Bradley? (What is this universe?)

15 – Cleveland Browns (2-1): Miles Garrett said the Browns’ defense held a players-only meeting to talk about “beautiful girls and fast cars.” He seems to have succeeded. Well, maybe they just played Mitchell Trubesky.

14 – Cincinnati Bengals (1-2): The Bengal attack regained its groove again against the aircraft. Be careful.

13. San Francisco 49ers (1-2): Have we ruled out the possibility that an angry Jimmy Garoppolo is a sleepover worker? There are not many other explanations About his play in Denver.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2): Brandon Staley should be sent off for leaving Justin Herbert in the game down 28 points due to a rib injury. What are you doing?!

11 – Denver Broncos (2-1): Nathaniel Hackett may want to fire the game management expert who hired him. Someone finds this guy someone played Madden.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1): Urban Meyer is probably cruising around Columbus right now wondering who’s number 16 on the Jaguars.

9 – Minnesota Vikings (2-1): We’re sending Kirk Cousins ​​to London? Haven’t they gone through enough?

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): Tom Brady and Bucks’ attackers have scored just three points in three games this season. This…issue.

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7. Los Angeles Rams (2-1): The Rams have been frustrated in three weeks, however, and they will have a chance of a real separation between them and the 49ers with a win next week.

6. Green Bay Packers (2-1): The Packers defense is legit, but I still can’t buy them as competitors until Aaron Rodgers conjures first receiver on his next quest to see.

5 – Baltimore Ravens (2-1): Lamar Jackson is your first runner in the world’s best.

4 – Kansas City Chiefs (2-1): Patrick Mahomes and the bosses stumble upon the bewildering loss of the ponies. There are still a lot of kinks to work with in KC.

3 – Buffalo Bills (2-1): Bills played 90 offensive plays and lost. How is that even possible?

2. Miami Dolphins (3-0): If the 2022 Dolphins end up being the last undefeated team this season, will the 1972 Dolphins win champagne when they lose? (yes.)

1. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0): eagles chariot Everyone rolls around on their way.

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