February 2, 2023

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Were the body parts of KB Petito’s friend Brian Laundry found? – BZ Berlin

This is one of the most spectacular murder cases in recent years: American KP Petito († 22) was killed. Her ex-fianc Brian Laundry, 23, is in critical condition.

Human remains have now been found with a backpack believed to belong to Brian Laundry! This is reported by many American media.

First, “Fox News” reported that Brian Laundry’s parents drove to Miyakhatsi Creek Park on Wednesday morning (local time). The area was considered the hideout of a suspect who went missing in September. One investigator reportedly said the parents “may have found something.”

“NBC Miami” later announced that it would be a backpack owned by Brian Laundry. The contents must match the items the 23-year-old could carry with him when he went missing in September.

This body game, located near Archs National Park in Wyoming, shows Coffee Pedito's fianc கண Brian Laundry after the couple's police raid (photo: / ab)
This body game, located near Archs National Park in Wyoming, shows Coffee Pedito’s fianc கண Brian Laundry after the couple’s police raid (photo: / ab)

Police officers later found human remains far away from the bag. The pictures show how the experts at the FBI put up a white tent. This may include body parts of Brian Laundry. The area was flooded for several weeks.

Police spokesmen have now confirmed the body parts were found. However, it will take some time to review them.

The case of Gabriel “KP” Petito occupies the people of the United States (Photo: DD / AP)

KP Petito and her fianc traveled across the United States that summer. Brian Laundry returned alone on September 1 and disappeared from the scene in the middle of the month after Coffee’s parents officially announced their daughter was missing.

On September 19 – almost a month before the current body was found – the remains of Coffee Petito appeared. An autopsy revealed a 22-year-old man had been strangled.

Brian Laundry is considered an emergency suspect. He may have taken the secret of KP’s death to the grave.

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