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Drug-ravaged West Virginia to Extend $10M for Border Wall Construction

in Virginia

Lawmakers in West Virginia are willing to extend $10 million support for President Trump’s border wall cause. As per the explanation given by the lawmakers it is a major requisite for West Virginia as the sate suffers from drug trafficking along the US-Mexico border.

House of GOP led by delegates announced recently that a bill is proposed by three delegates who are willing to $10 million from West Virginia’s current $186 million budget surplus for building border wall along the Mexico border.

As of now, the President needs a total of $5.7 billion to construct the wall along about 235 miles deadlock, which has resulted to the partial federal government shutdown. West Virginia is willing to contribute a tiny fraction to meet the same.

West Virginia Delegates Carl “Robbie” Martin, R-Upshur; Patrick Martin, R-Lewis; and Caleb Hanna, R-Webster are willing to support the President’s cause of constructing border wall majorly due to the rising problem of cc in the state.

As per the records, West Virginia has the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the US. To eradicate the menace, the three lawmakers called up a conference to declare that $10 million support will help the state to counter flow of drugs from Mexico. They said the constituents are urging for help to counter the issue and West Virginia needs border security.

However as per the records submitted by US Drug Enforcement Administration in 2018, Drug trafficking is concentrated at land ports of entry, not remote stretches of the border. Moreover, DEA investigated and reached to the conclusion that most of the synthetic drugs like heroin, fentanyl and other opioids sold in US are sourced by China, of which China has denied.

The opposition on the other hand had indicated the act as a political stunt. Democratic Party chairwoman Belinda Biafore has criticized the proposal of border wall and called it “sickening” as the huge amount of money could have been used for other pressing needs.

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