September 28, 2022

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Westminster Hall Incident: Man Arrested at Queen’s Coffin

Incident at Westminster Hall
Man arrested in Queen’s coffin

Countless people wait for hours to say goodbye to the late queen. Suddenly a bystander breaks out of line and runs towards the queen’s coffin. According to eyewitnesses, police arrested the man within seconds.

Incident at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin: On Friday evening, a man was arrested according to witnesses who ran in the direction of the coffin at Westminster Hall, the British Parliament in London. According to media reports, the Metropolitan Police said the man was arrested after a disturbance. A witness told Sky News that someone pushed his seven-year-old niece out of the way, ran to the coffin and tried to lift the royal standard on top of the coffin. The police captured him in “two seconds”.

At that point the live television broadcast was suspended, and instead a scene from outside Parliament was shown. The Guardian, citing witnesses, said the man jumped out of the queue, climbed the steps and touched the coffin. British news agency PA reported that the man was arrested for breaching the Public Order Act and is currently in custody. Sky News quoted a parliament speaker as saying that a worker from the queue moved towards the scaffolding, known as a catafalque.

The people of Great Britain have another chance to say goodbye to their monarch this weekend by visiting Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. The coffin will remain in Westminster Hall until Monday morning before the 70-year-old queen’s funeral. Countless people have taken the opportunity to pause at Elizabeth II’s coffin since Wednesday. To do this, they have to queue for hours in a kilometer-long queue on the River Thames.

Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8, aged 96, in her Scottish country estate at Balmoral Castle. His coffin was brought to the Scottish capital Edinburgh on Sunday and then to London on Tuesday evening. Hundreds of monarchs, heads of state and heads of government from around the world are expected in London for the state funeral this Monday.

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