November 30, 2022

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What Jerry DiPutto, Mariners Can Do on Deadline Trade

What Jerry DiPutto, Mariners Can Do on Deadline Trade

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SEATTLE — The MLB draft ended on Tuesday, and with it, the focus of every front office will move squarely to the looming trade deadline in just two weeks. Given that sailors have Climb hard again into the post-season picture And playing with the goal of overcoming a 21-year drought, Chief of Baseball Operations Jerry DePoto could – and likely be – among the busiest in this year’s market.

“Once we get through the third day of the draft on Tuesday, it will really start to pick up on the trade front,” DiPoto said. “And we’ll see. There are definitely ways to help our team improve, so it’s a really exciting time all around.”

It’s definitely an exciting time for sailors, especially after all the rising stars Julio Rodriguez put it a great offer At the T-Mobile Home Run Derby Monday night, he crushed 81 long balls in his derby debut before falling to Juan Soto in the finals.

Speaking of the NATS star, here are three ways the Sailors could attack the August 2 deadline:

Soto is very logical for sailors. Not only can he be arguably the best hitter in the Majors or just 23 years old or have a decisive role in the 2019 World Championship title for the Nats – he would bring in much-needed left-wing strength to be in a squad that was lacking, Up to this 14 wins streak, into a consistent run product.

His numbers are down compared to the elite level, but he had a 1,431 OPS in July, and he has almost no protection in the middle of Washington’s last-place squad. Imagine Soto hitting between Rodriguez and T-France, doing it for a full three chase considering he won’t be a free agent until after the 2024 season.

The Mariners’ farm system was a huge success with Rodriguez graduating andGeorge KirbyBut Seattle still has the potential capital to get a seat at the table. The asking price will be huge, and may include Numbers 1-5 Potential Customers Noelfi Marty, Harry Ford, Matt Brasch, Edwin Arroyo and Emerson Hancock, if not all five, along with another league-ready player (possibly Jared Kielnik) And the Possibly getting one of the bad contracts for Washington (Steven Strasbourg and/or Patrick Corbin, who owe a total of $200 million after this season).

2) Find out the second rule
There is no sugar coating for thatAdam FraserIt has been a disappointment since the Sailors traded for him off last season. But he was also up enough to suggest he may have over cornered, hitting .340/.347/.447 (.794 OPS) during the Mariners’ winning streak.

Rule Two, on paper, seemed like the clearest area you needed that Dipoto could easily fill, as this position doesn’t usually cost a fortune in prospects. Some of the available names include Rogned Odor, Jed Lowrie, Jonathan Schoop, Jonathan Villar, and Paul DeJong, but they all have bad seasons.

If Frasier keeps up with this, he’ll be great. But taking advantage of the next two weeks to make a decision for the rest of the year is probably more vital in this position than most of those listed.

3) Add two jugs – one starter, one to get rid of the water
Remember how effective Tyler Anderson was last year, giving the Mariners valuable roles and helping to stabilize the spin? It wasn’t the most glamorous acquisition, but it proved necessary. The Seattle core staff is in a significantly better position – and more talented – than they were this time last year, but with Kirby’s innings tally already closely monitored and a lack of depth to explain the injury, there is a notable need for a role-playing start.

One could say the same for another relief arm, preferably a veteran who won’t come with workload limitations but probably has post-season experience. Ken Giles was destined to be that guy, but now that he’s out of his right shoulder inflammation, it’s hard to count on him as a major contributor at the moment. Thinners are usually almost always available at this time of year and are usually much easier to access, so this goal seems feasible.

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