December 10, 2022

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When Corona robs their parents – India’s tragic orphans

Updated June 7, 2021, 9:20 p.m.

  • Pyre burning pictures from India went all over the world.
  • They showed the great death of a violent epidemic.
  • Now many children without parents are left behind.

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Corona quickly stole both parents from Divyesh and Neha. They died in April during a second wave of violence in India. Divyesh, then 15, lost all hope. His sister Neha, who is two years older than him, called a hotline to a child protection agency in the capital, New Delhi. This is what the head of the authority, Anurag Kundu, told the German press. Divyesh was severely shocked and the relatives are now taking care of the siblings.

Power is associated with many corona orphans and semi-orphans. “It’s hard to understand what’s going on inside of them,” Bomb says. “Insomnia, anxiety, less hunger and the feeling of being alone are a vicious circle. They are very difficult to get out of.”

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India: Child labor and child marriage are not uncommon before the corona

Aid agencies are everywhere In that event Calls for help were reached. It is feared that children, especially from poor families, are at greater risk of having to work for themselves to survive corona orphans and semi-orphans, as women get married early, so their families no longer have to maintain them or they are subjected to sexual violence. Child labor and to a certain extent child marriages are not uncommon in this vast country before the epidemic.

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The National Child Protection Authority of India has registered 1742 corona orphans and 7464 corona half orphans since the onset of the epidemic. However, aid agencies believe that more children have lost their mother and / or father. According to official figures, more than 330,000 people have died along with Govt-19, with a population of more than 1.3 billion in the country. Experts estimate that the actual number of deaths is significantly higher.

More money for the boys

Especially around the height of the second wave, news like this was spread on social networks: “If anyone wants to adopt a girl, please contact Priyanka at * phone number. A woman is three days old, another six months old. They have parents appeared at the temple. Help give life, spread it. “

In some cases, those involved in the child’s environment may have sent similar messages – and this could have reached child abductors, says Prabhat Kumar of the “Save the Children” aid organization.

However, in some cases, fraudsters also sent messages to take money from interested foster parents. He and his team called the numbers and sent them to the police. The child protection agency Bomb says that those who sent such messages asked for about 5,600 euros (500,000 rupees) for a woman and 8,900 euros (800,000 rupees) for a boy.

Very poor

Child rights activist Meera Marti, founder of the group “Where are the children of India”, says the need for child adoption is huge in India. According to him, 30,000 people in India are expecting an adopted child. At the same time, only about 2200 children are officially abandoned for adoption. However, many children were never enrolled, others lived in orphanages, but did not meet the criteria for adoption.

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Prabhat Kumar of “Save the Children” says that it is often better for orphans to stay with relatives like Divyesh and Neha. For many poor families, especially now with epidemics, such families are supported with food because it is difficult to care for another child.
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