December 10, 2022

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WHO Review of Biotech for Third Vaccine Dose: “Seriously Disappointed”

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Pfizer and Biotech see the need for a third vaccine against the corona virus. The WHO strongly criticizes the progress of vaccine manufacturers.

GENEVA – According to Robert Koch Institute data (as of July 12, 2021), about 43 percent of the population in Germany is already “fully vaccinated”. Most corona vaccines, from Biotech / Pfizer, offer complete protection after two vaccines, according to the manufacturer. Corona virus To. Current laboratory tests and data from Israel now hope that vaccine manufacturers will lose protection after six months. Based on some of these data available so far, manufacturers Biotech and Pfizer suggest that “a third dose may be needed within six to twelve months after full vaccination”.

Thus, the third vaccine can detect the highest number of protective antibodies in the blood – five to ten times higher after the first two vaccines. The protective effect of the Biotech / Pfizer vaccine, according to available data, usually drops to 64 percent after six months, and protection against serious diseases to 90 percent – so it is still relatively high – the third dose is also used as a “booster vaccine”. The first voices of science had already criticized this attempt in advance in the third “booster vaccine”.

Rich countries are pushing the corona epidemic aside

After all, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) do not find sufficient data base for “booster vaccines.” The WHO was quoted in a report by CNN, an American news broadcaster, as saying that, among other things, only limited information is available about whether a booster is effective – if so, to whom. Director General of the World Health Organization Dr. Above all, Tetros criticizes the ethical implications of prescribing a third corona vaccine from Adonom Capreius, Biotech and Pfizer.

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“The vast majority of countries that have already been fully vaccinated are now giving the third dose and moving on to the‘ booster ’vaccine, which is disappointing, but seriously disappointing that other countries have not even started vaccinating,” the general manager said. Monday in Geneva (July 12, 2021). According to Tetros Adenom Capreius, rich countries where the population can be gradually vaccinated will no longer begin to see the Govt-19 epidemic as their problem “it is dangerous”. Some countries get the impression that the epidemic has been brought under control. However, the WHO director warns, “I do not think they are in danger. I do not think they are in control.”

Dr. Tetros Adanom Caprais, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Vaccine for corona infection: Do not look at the global situation

In an interview with the New York Times, Natalie Dean, a biologist at Emory University in Atlanta, said: “It’s hard to imagine that people will miss the third level. Demanded: “If we are concerned about the spread of variations, vaccines are our best defense to improve the world” to stockpile more vaccines or give a third dose in the West.

The WHO therefore urges vaccine manufacturers such as Biotech / Pfizer and Moderna not to prioritize the distribution of the vaccine to countries with an advanced vaccine campaign, but to do all possible to provide vaccine coverage only to countries with very low or middle incomes.

Pfizer meeting with US officials: Significantly more data and time required

Representatives of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer met with U.S. scientists and U.S. FDA officials on Monday (July 12, 2021) to promote approval of a third dose of the corona vaccine. Booster said after the FDA meeting that there would be significantly more data and a few more months before it was possible to determine if vaccines were really necessary. In addition, this result depends not only on the research data coming from the laboratory, but also on the collection of information from everyday life in the health sector. For example, how many people who have been completely vaccinated are seriously ill with Govit-19 and need to be treated in hospitals.

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According to the authority it is possible to make a different conclusion that a third vaccine with the active ingredient from Biotech / Fiser is recommended only for those with previous diseases and immune deficiencies. In addition, it is not yet certain whether the “booster vaccine” should then be carried out directly with the original vaccine or with a version of the vaccine suitable for the delta variant. Scientists at Biotech and Pfizer already know about this product. (I am we)