December 5, 2022

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Why there is no benefit to the returnees

  • Corona variant on behalf of “Omikron” B.1.1.529: More and more people are getting infected
  • Rzte in Sdafrika: Omigron patients are not yet at risk of death
  • Doctor Report “Abnormal symptoms“: New US study illustrates this
  • The survivors are trapped Located in South Africa Often with Omicron: Is there Escape variant Before?
  • Why mutation “Omigron” Ness

The World Health Organization (WHO) Evaluates new discoveries in South Africa Corona virus – mutation Omigron “Anxiously” because it is spreading so quickly: there are already first infections in Europe – and in Bavaria as well. Meanwhile, scientists in the United States have found a possible explanation for this. But it is Omigron variant Is it really as dangerous as being scared? Why is it really called that?

Omigran symptoms so far “unusual but mild”

So far, people affected by the Omigran variant in South Africa have not been seriously ill, according to the Local Medical Association (SAMA). According to the dpa, Anglique Coetzee, president of the association, says BBCCases found so far in their country Not seriously Both. However, studies on this variation are still in one Very early stage. In the country, only 24 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

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“Most patients complain about you Aching body And fatigue, Serious Mdigkeit, And we see it jngeren generation, Not with the elderly, “Coates said.” It’s not about patients being admitted directly to the hospital.Telegraph“But one has to worry that the new variant will extend to older people with diabetes or heart disease,” Coates explained. Struck very hard Can. In South Africa, only about six percent of the population is over 65 years of age.

The doctor added that there were actually signs of a new variant UnusualBut mild. He first became aware of the possibility of a new variant when patients with unusual Govt 19 symptoms came to his training in Pretoria in early November. The victims would have been severely depressed. None of them complained of loss of taste or smell. “Her symptoms were very different and milder than the ones I had treated before.” On November 18, Kotzi is said to be the first South African doctor to warn authorities about patients with the new variant.

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32 Spike mutations: B.1.1.529 is the strongest mutation form of the corona virus to date

Meanwhile, many experts are concerned that the Omigron variant is already known Sdafrika-Variante Referred to as, Many mutations With. As Editorial Network Germany (nd) It has been reported that this includes mutations related to both high spread and immune survival.

P.1.1.529 (Omicron) points 32 mutations in spike protein It is used by viruses to enter human cells. It is the most powerful mutant form of the corona virus to date. Many vaccines also work against spike protein.

Scientist Susan Hopkins Imperial College The new variant was called out loud in London rnd As Very disturbing in what we saw“” It makes us The evolution of Sprungfte This variation is worrying, “said Tulio de Oliveira, director Center for Infection Response & Innovation, Sdafrika.

New study finds abnormal genetic material: Why Omigran spreads so quickly

Another reason to worry: Omicron is spreading fast. That South African Institute for Infectious Diseases (NICD) Within two weeks a “rapid increase” was observed. From an average of 300 new corona cases per week, the number has risen to 1,000 during this period and finally to 3,500 new infections. A new study from the United States closely examined the properties of the Omicron variant and found a possible explanation for this rapid increase.

Researchers at Nference, a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in biomedical data analysis, have discovered an unusual genetic material in the omicron variant. Study on the portal OSF Prints Released programs: The mutant contains a genetic material not found in previous versions of SARS-Cowie-2 – but also in other pathogens and human genomes.

As Vengi Soundarajan, one of the authors of the study, explains, Omigron could use this new line of genes to appear “more human” and better avoid the immune system. The genetic material is often found in another type of corona virus. HCoV-229E causes relatively mild mucus.

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According to the researchers, the omigran variant is imaginary, derived from one person infected with both viruses. Such so-called co-infections are where viruses can communicate as they multiply and in doing so take one part of another’s genetic material. The US study was published in advance and has not yet been reviewed by independent experts. Another study by researchers from South Africa, Which has not yet been evaluated by experts, shows early signs Recovered individuals are not protected from infection with Omigron mutation There are. As the “Neue Zricher Zeitung” writes in this regard, many mutations in the variant may partially escape the recovered immune defenses. According to a study by South Africa, viz Survivors have an almost three-fold higher risk of developing omigran disease than relapse from another corona variant.. People who are already infected are significantly less likely to get coronary heart disease again. But that may change with the Omikron variant. According to researchers, this fact may be one Note Be sure to call it Omigron Escape variant Can represent. However, further inquiries are needed to finally clarify this aspect. Omigran’s knowledge is still limited.

Benefit over Delta: British researchers sound the alarm

Christina Begel, a German-British researcher, is the head of the Medical Functional Research Unit (CORA) University College He had initially tweeted in London that the rapid spread of Omigran was a sign that the variant had an advantage over the Delta. It is not yet clear what this benefit is and whether the variant can change rapidly or escape vaccine protection. On Saturday (November 27, 2021) Begum put it back on Via Twitter Then: “I think this is bad news from leading UK scientists: So far, all we know about this variant seems to be bad.

“There are no mutations we do not already know about, but we do not yet know the composition of the mutations,” Secretary-General Carston Wattsl explained. German Society for Immunology (DGfI). “We need to now explore how this combination works.” Reports of the influence of variation on the course of the disease are currently not possible. “Currently there are very few cases for that.”

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Vaccine manufacturer Biotech looks out loud for variation Editorial Network Germany (RND) Already exists. “We understand the experts’ concerns and immediately begin an investigation into the B.1.1.529 variant,” the company said Friday. RND With. Additional data from laboratory tests are expected to be up to date in two weeks.

Why B.1.1.529 Omikron was baptized

Named for the new Corona super mutant “Omigron15. Characters in the Greek alphabet. When choosing a name, the WHO omits two characters – Ny and Xi. Of Spiegel Explored the question of why the organization made this decision.

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Accordingly, the WHO News Agency reported that the letter Ny was omitted because it is easier with the English word. “New” Can be confusing. On the other hand, Xi left because it “Common surname“In doing so, the company followed its own guidelines for naming new diseases.”

The Omigron variant (b.1.1.529) was first detected in South Africa. The EU Health Commission ECDC fears that this variant could significantly reduce the effectiveness of corona vaccines and increase the risk of re-infection. As RKI boss Lothar Wieler has already emphasized, there is a better option in this regard as well.

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