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Will 2020 Hopeful Sanders Benefit from Collaboration with Cardi B?

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As the 2020 Presidential elections near, celebrities have begun to come forward and support their favorite candidates and the latest on the list is Cardi B. The 26-year-old, Bronx rapper has once again made headlines, and this time for her friendly relations with the 2020 election Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders.

The Bodak Yellow star has collaborated with the Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders to film a campaign video to appeal to young voters and gain their support.

Prior to the discussion with the Bronx star, the 2020 Democratic Hopeful said, “We (are) working on a way to involve more young people in the political process. The future of America depends on young people. They are voting in large numbers, but not large enough numbers.”

During the meet, the Democratic hopeful discussed a variety of topics with the Please me singer, like canceling of student debt, climate change and increasing the minimum wage.

Following the meet, Cardi B posted her picture with the senator on social media with a caption, “Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders for sitting with me and sharing your plans on how you will change this country.”

Two weeks ago, she posted a message on the social network and voiced support for him and said that she is disappointed that the fans “let him down” in 2016. She said, “This man been fighting for equal rights, HUMAN rights for such along time. Seeing this country become a better place been really his passion for a long time not a new front for a campaign.”

Sanders appreciated Cardi B, during his appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, last week claiming that he had spoken to the 26-year-old rapper on “several occasions”.

He said, “She is really smart. And she is deeply concerned about what’s happening in this country. She comes from a humble background. She knows what it’s like to live in poverty, to struggle. And She wants to make sure we improve life for working people in this country, and I’m delighted that she is a supporter.”

Although Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Democratic Hopeful has denied to any claims that Cardi B would be endorsing him, it might be possible that a future collaboration is in works. It would, however, be interesting to see if this collaboration helps in the race of Presidential elections and helps him gain more supporters.

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