December 6, 2022

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Will Kennedy be the most important ambassador in Berlin?

There has been no official U.S. ambassador to Germany for over a year. But now there is a movement among the most important diplomats. A surprise staggers.

A question will be displayed Berlin Confusion for months: Who is handing over the US presidency Joe Biden With a desirable and influential ambassador position in Berlin?

Because for more than a year now, the U.S. representation at the Parisar Platts next to the Brandenburg Gate had to be done without an ambassador. As for the importance of the material, this is not a good thing. One from the former American presidents Donald Trump Used Richard Grenell He resigned in June 2020, two years after becoming the highest-ranking diplomat in Berlin. Trump had nominated a successor, but the US Senate defeated him.

Two years as Trump governor: Richard Grenell (Source: Image Image)

Since then, Number Two has headed to the U.S. Embassy: Robin Queenville has been the highest-ranking ambassador to Berlin since 2018. Quinville has been known as the “Charge de Affairs” since 2020 and is highly valued in Berlin embassy circles. Anyone who hears about her, regardless of whether they are British, German or French, usually hear the phrase: “Robin does a great job”. Couldn’t Joe Biden have made her an official ambassador?

In theory, yes. In practice, however, work in Berlin has traditionally been largely politically occupied, but not with professional diplomats. So Queenville will leave the capital in July and take on a different mission.

According to information coming from D-Online, you will be in office as an ambassador Bob Woodward Price Follow. He has been at the US Embassy since 2016. He worked in the Russia department of the National Security Council. The acquisition of the business at the US embassy in July is priceless, but is second only to being a professional diplomat.

Mr. or Mrs. X

But who was nominated by the US President and eventually confirmed by the US Senate? In Berlin government circles, people are still greatly confused or have no clue. However, D-Online has now learned from US diplomatic circles that there should be two hopeful candidates on the list.

Former U.S. Senator from Missouri: Claire McCaskill (Source: Image Images)Former U.S. Senator from Missouri: Claire McCaskill (Source: Image Images)

About a former U.S. Democratic senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill It says: “She is on the Berlin list.” It should not be accidental for a woman to talk to her. “It’s very possible to be a woman for the first time. Diversity is very important for the current president,” said James Bindengal, who served under President Helmut Kohl as U.S. ambassador to Gold. In forming his cabinet, Biden focused not only on expertise but also on gender and appearance. When it comes to diversity, it looks bad with American diplomats. There are only a few African American ambassadors.

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The American news website “Axios” told Claire McCask at the end of May that Joe Biden wanted to be one of the most desirable ambassadors in Western Europe. He is also considered a new ambassador to Switzerland. But his presence in Bern will at least explode as he is seen as a fierce critic of the business practices of Swiss banks in relation to foreign tax havens. He was very positive about Meccas about Berlin last summer. During protests in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz after the violent death of George Floyd by U.S. police officers, he wrote:

Will she be a Berliner?  Vicky Kennedy with Barack and Michael Obama (Source: Image Images)Will she be a Berliner? Vicky Kennedy with Barack and Michael Obama (Source: Image Images)

The other candidate who is spoken of with a particular celebrity interest in Berlin Victoria Anne “Vicky” Kennedy. Widow of former President’s brother Ted Kennedy John F. Kennedy, Should be on the “list” for a Western European capital. It is very likely that the US President will also deliver them to Germany. Joe Biden has known her late husband well since he was an American senator, and admires “Vicky”. Former President Barack Obama is also a fan of hers, calling her the “best woman.” If he really wants to become the new American ambassador, someone from the Kennedy clan can say for the second time in history: I am a Berliner.

But it remains exciting. Looking at the list of the biggest donors in the Biden election campaign reveals that some candidates, including male, may still be considered. But it is questionable whether someone like LinkedIn, the founder of the industry network, now wants to move to Berlin.

Fluent in German: Karen Danfried goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Source: Image Images)Fluent in German: Karen Danfried goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Source: Image Images)

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Especially since some of the names have already been discussed. About Karen Donfried, Chairman of the American Trust of the “German Marshall Fund”. He speaks German fluently and, among other things, was a special aide to the US president Barack Obama Senior Director for National Security Council and European Affairs. However, in mid-April, potential personnel were made available to Berlin. Joe Biden Danfried has been appointed Deputy Secretary of State for the United States. “Everyone would welcome her with a kiss,” says one in Berlin, who has been familiar with American diplomacy for many years.

Why does this take so long?

Julianne Smith is a NATO Ambassador (Source: Robert Bosch Academy / Post)Julianne Smith is a NATO Ambassador (Source: Robert Bosch Academy / Post)

Another potential candidate has long been considered Julianne “Julie” Smith. She has also worked extensively on Europe and Atlantic relations. From 2012 to 2013, he was Deputy National Security Adviser to then Vice President Joe Biden. Smith is considered well-connected in Germany and Europe. However, in June, Biden nominated him as NATO’s future US ambassador. James Bindenagal told D-Online: “Julie is right in the NATO post.”

Some personal details have now been resolved and there are now new speculations. But when will the Berlin embassy be offered, and why does it take so long? Will Joe Biden wait until he knows which party it is? Bundestock election Who won and who is the best fit for the person? “The general election will not play such a big role,” says James Bindengal. Americans do not see such decisive differences between the parties in terms of their relationship with the United States. “The last coalition talks lasted several months, and you certainly won’t have to wait long,” Bindengal said.

Basically, the former ambassador says the current wait is a completely normal process. “First the president occupies his cabinet, then the secretaries of state, then the deputy secretaries of state. Only then will the ambassadors and ambassadors come.” Nevertheless: The mantra of “America is back” cultivated by Joe Biden still applies to hundreds of vacancies around the world. However, there is still a long way to go before US diplomacy can return in full force.

In the coming weeks, maybe even days, it should be so far. In the meantime White House Recommendations for diplomatic work are increasingly known each week, so far mainly to countries outside Europe. More than 250 foreign trips must be filled by the Biden government.

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It will be autumn soon

After the change of government United States It is common for 70 percent of positions to go to professional diplomats. Thirty percent of diplomatic posts are usually filled by those affiliated with the President of the United States, whether they are compliant or generous donors. An American diplomat must have donated a few million US dollars to D-Online for the election campaign, especially for desirable positions, including Berlin. “It’s like an unofficial exchange, it’s never been released. But it’s clear to everyone: with 000 500,000 you can get Belgium, but not Germany.”

Submission of the “sending state” to the “receiving state” is part of the international agricultural diplomatic practice for obtaining “agriculture”, that is, approval under international law, before an appointment is officially announced.

It has become clear that Joe Biden will be president at the White House on July 15 Washington, Derived from D.C., Berlin seems to have had movement among important figures. “It is possible that Angela Merkel will nominate a presidential candidate during her visit to Washington in mid-July,” says James Pindengal. But it said “that person can join the meeting because the US government is already in contact with the federal government Angela Merkel Could be. “It simply came to our notice then Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blingen, who is expected to attend the Libya conference in Berlin this week, will present the plan.

When will the ambassador go to Berlin? If the US appointment for Berlin is not officially announced before July 4, Berlin will have to wait until the autumn for a new ambassador. Because the U.S. Senate needs to secure employees with a simple majority. The summer break in political Washington begins on July 4 and lasts until September. So it has to be tight.

That’s why Berlin’s goal is: “Wake me up by the end of September”.