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Will the Letter of Forgiveness by Pope Francis Put an End to Vatican culture?

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Pope Francis, 266th Pope of Catholic Church, in his letter to Catholics, begged forgiveness following the charges of covering the child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania, over a span of seven decades. Pope vowed that “no effort must be spared” to root out priestly sex abuse and cover up the charges related to Catholic Church.

However, his forgivingness did not include the fact that he would take action to sanction complicit bishops or end the Vatican culture, which has been the breeding cause for development of such situation. While, some would call it common sense, the fact is that if priest can do such inhuman torture with the children, nothing remains a common sense in the matter.

In a letter to the Catholics Worldwide Francis following the misconduct in US, he focused on getting a tough response for culprits and a helping hand for children who had to face the consequences. Further, suggesting that the clerical culture is the root cause for the crisis. With Church leaders more concerned about their own reputations than the safety of children, the crime was easily promoted by the people of all ranks.

“We showed no care for the little ones,” Francis wrote. “We abandoned them.”

Interestingly, Pope Francis alone has enough authority to sanction bishops, yet he did not offer a clue that his next step would be to change the Vatican’s prolonged practice of giving religious superiors a pass, which necessarily implies doing wrong without even getting abducted.

Instead, said that that he was aware of the “effort and work being carried out in various parts of the world”, ensuring that children are not harmed by the priests, who work for cross purposes.

Reaction of those part of tragic incident clearly conveyed disappointment. To them it seemed like failing to acknowledge Vatican’s own role in promoting a heinous crime.  “That culture was overseen by #Vatican & codified into its laws,” tweeted Colm O’Gorman, a prominent Irish abuse victim who is organizing a solidarity demonstration of survivors in Dublin during Francis’ visit. “He needs to name & own that.”

The priests must be sanctioned for the good of people, besides the major problem associated to the case reveals that a hierarchy followed won’t allow it soon to happen anytime soon.

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