December 10, 2022

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Will the UK soon end the Northern Ireland protocol?

D.David Frost, the minister in charge of relations with Brussels, used the Conservative Congress to make threats European union Tighten. In a speech to delegates in Manchester on Monday, he said that if the ongoing negotiations with the EU Commission did not lead to a satisfactory conclusion quickly, the so-called Northern Ireland protocol on the exit agreement would be suspended. If Great Britain “cannot wait forever” and the EU does not move “soon”, it will implement the “security mechanism” of Article 16 of the agreement.

In his address to a few interested parties at the party conference, Frost confirmed that the British government had finalized a legal text that would actually violate Northern Ireland’s ethics. The text will be sent to the Commission in Brussels in the next few days. The purpose of the reform was to reorganize the agreed restrictions on supplies delivered from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. The province of Northern Ireland, bordering Ireland, a member of the European Union, is, unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, Brexit The remaining member of the European Customs Union and follows the EU internal market rules. Frost’s Ministry considers London’s actions to be legally ethical.

Simply “adjusting the corners” will not be enough

She recently accepted EU Commission As part of a “ceasefire” London’s unlimited extension of interim rules for multi-item checks. But Frost Brussels is not yet ready for the extra offers. In the “Order Paper” issued by Frost in July, all goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and unsuitable for sale in the EU domestic market should be exempted from restrictions. The European Court of Justice should no longer take part in trade disputes. The EU Commission has spoken out against most of the demands of the mandate documents and will soon submit its own proposals.

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Frost in Manchester, “Fixing the corners” alone is not enough. Only a substantial re-negotiation of the protocol will help the two partners to “establish friendly relations on the basis of free trade.” If the British government passes Article 16, the European Union Case To intensify again, she was finally allowed to rest. London is expected to impose fines on goods imported from the UK.

Despite labor shortages and various supply constraints, Frost drew a positive balance out of the EU. He noted the newly agreed bilateral free trade agreements Immigration system And other legal changes. “Democracies with independent economies show that their citizens make more of their own decisions and determine their own lives than what they earn in their own pockets, and that they are not only rich, but happy and admired by others.” Frost was happy to say that “the long nightmare of our EU members” and “the beginning of the British renaissance”.

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