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Will William Barr Publicize Complete Documents of Mueller Report?

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The members of the Democratic Party have asked the Attorney General William Barr to give a complete access of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.  The report is based on the Russian interference in 2016 Presidential Elections and Donald Trump’s role in it. The democrats have asked for proof for the conclusion of the report and threatened to take the matter to the Supreme Court, if the demands are not met.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler has stated that not providing complete access of Mueller’s report can be considered as a “cover-up”. He also said that it will weaken the Congress to hold the president responsible if he is found to be involved in foreign interference.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has begun gathering the legislators to send a strong unanimous message, asking to publicize the report. The leaders of the congress are waiting for the conclusion of the report to be submitted by William Barr by the end of Sunday evening.

Trump has always maintained a stern stand on not being involved in the interference at all. The inquiry by Mueller ended a criminal and counterintelligence investigation, which involved impeachment of Trump’s campaign chairman, deputy chairman, personal attorney, and two policy advisors.

William Barr is supposed to release the report by Sunday, as reported by the official of Department of Justice. Pelosi and six top committee leaders held an emergency conference call on Saturday with the Democratic House members.

Democrats have made clear that they are prepared to subpoena the full report and basic documents supporting the report. They can also use it to have evidence or a meeting from Mueller, Barr or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who will be working on report along with William Barr.

Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, told CBS duringSunday’s show, ‘Face the Nation’, “That report needs to be made public ASAP, so we can evaluate the body of evidence on the issue of conspiracy and look at why Bob Mueller decided not to indict. It is not going to be satisfactory for the attorney general of the Justice Department to brief eight of us, the so-called Gang of Eight, in a classified setting and say, ‘OK, we discharged our obligation, we don’t have to tell the rest of the country anything’. That’s not going to fly.”

Pelosi said that clarity is needed at the earliest in wake of Barr’s letter on Friday. William Barr said in the letter that he might counsel certain legislators this weekend on the “principal conclusions” from Mueller’s 22-month investigation.

Till the recap of Robert Mueller’s investigation of 22 months is submitted by Barr, there is uncertainty if the recap will provide a rise in or end further investigations.

With asking for complete access to the report of Mueller, democrats have certainly supported the concerns of the citizens of the country and the importance of transparency. It is yet to be seen if William Barr will publicize the report or will present some aspects of the report in support of the conclusion of the report.


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