December 9, 2022

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Winter Holidays 2021/2022: Skiing despite Corona Lockdown in Austria – Change in lift rule

The start of this year’s skiing season coincided with the fourth lock in many Austrian ski areas. But now there is good news for winter sports enthusiasts.

VIENNA – Many winter sports enthusiasts had to give up skiing or snowboarding altogether last season. It was good for the 2021/2022 season in the long run, but the high number of cases and low vaccination rates in Austria put winter sports fans back on their feet: the lockout has been in place across Austria since November 22nd. Vaccination and recovery should be completed after a maximum of 20 days. Sunday evening saw an important winter sports fate change now.

Skiing season in Austria: This rule is changing now

Tourism is an important source of income in Austria. Winter tourism alone accounts for 5.5 percent of 2019 GDP. Skylift was allowed to open last season, but revenue was lower than in previous years. According to statistics, 2020 is down one-third (-36 percent) from the previous year. Advertising Austria Emerges. In some regions, revenue was completely lost, for example, the Ischgl Sky area closed last season.

The start of this year’s skiing season in Austria coincides with the locking for many skiing areas. But now there is good news for winter sports enthusiasts (icon).

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This year everything should be different, but the fourth lock came in Austria at the start of the ski season. For example, Ischgl will open its slopes on November 25, and the official website of the winter sports resort says that the first day of skiing will now be announced. Many ski areas, such as the Hindertux Glacier, are expected to be closed again on Monday. This is because the rule so far has provided that Sky Lift and cable cars can only be used for “personal needs” or for professional reasons when locking up. ORF Troll.

But now there is good news for winter sports enthusiasts. Unlike the previous draft, the sky lift in Austria may now be open or open during lockdown. This emerges from an order passed by the main committee of the National Council on Sunday evening. This is similar to the rule already used in Austria on the third lock by Christmas 2020. To use coverage or closed gondola, skaters must show proof of 2G and wear the FFP2 mask under the new rules. However, in many ski areas of Austria, this was the goal from the beginning. As a rule, sports training should take place alone or with important caregivers or relatives. ORF Troll Reported.

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Ski Resorts in Austria: What will the 2021/2022 season look like?

The ski season in Austria depends not only on ski lifts, but also on the food, hotel industry and visitors from home and abroad. Accordingly, the country is now monitoring travel restrictions and corona developments in neighboring countries, which make up the majority of guests in the ski areas of Austria. Even before the lockdown in Austria, the hotel industry was facing waves of cancellation.

Franz Hörl, president of the Tyrolean Economic Association, said it was not yet clear whether restaurants would be allowed to open or close, as they did last winter. ORF Troll. The Constitutional Court in Austria declared the regulation unacceptable from the previous season. With no overnight accommodation, the current offer is currently primarily targeted at daytime tourists and locals. According to the government, the lock-up for those vaccinated and cured will end on December 13. It is not yet clear whether restaurants and hotels in the skiing areas will be allowed to open with 2G rules. Winter sports fans have to worry about half the “normal” ski season.

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