December 10, 2022

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Without food and drink: The dog is trapped in a crib for five days

Without food and drink
The dog was trapped in the ditch for five days

“Lisa” experienced a real test: while walking in New York, USA, the dog fell into a crack. The animal sits without eating or drinking for five days – only then can it recover.

For five days, a dog was trapped in a narrow ditch in a national park in the state of New York in the United States – now it has been rescued unharmed. State parks announced Wednesday (local time) that a twelve-year-old animal named “Lisa” escaped a test at Minnewaska State Park without food and water.

Thanks to a camera, the assistants were always in “Lisa” view.

(Photo: Image Alliance / dpa / NY State Parks)

On October 7, a woman was walking with her dog when she fell into a gap. You can hear his grunt. Park staff attempted to reach the site at a depth of approximately twelve meters over the next few days. On Tuesday, assistants from the Ulster County Animal Welfare Association and a cave rescue team were able to save the dog from a narrow crevice.

Both dogs looked at the dog with the camera to make sure he was well. Then they brought him with a stick and a rope. The animal was attracted by a hot dog attached to a pole. It was placed in a backpack and then raised enough to be safely brought to the surface.

The dog is hungry and thirsty, but in good health. Then brought to its owner. During surveillance with the camera, the dog licked the wet walls of the cleft, so it probably gave itself fluid. According to management, the park is actually in need of leather bandaging.

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