October 6, 2022

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Working for Putin: Russian nuclear submarine discovered in Mediterranean | Politics

Is Russia also now weaponizing water?

A Russian nuclear submarine is currently operating in the Mediterranean near Italy. This news was reported on the website.Naval News“.

︎ It is not clear how long the submarine was swimming near mainland Europe.

One possibility: It would replace the Russian Slava-class guided-missile destroyer Marshall Ustino, which was in the Mediterranean until Aug. 24.

The “Marshal Ustinov” has been swimming between Great Britain and Ireland for several days, along with the destroyer “Vice Admiral Kulakov” – possibly diverted from a Russian nuclear submarine off Italy.

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Nevertheless, NATO inspectors are keeping an eye on the ship. True, it is not known exactly what kind of submarine it was.

︎ However, it could be a nuclear powered submarine, i.e. powered by nuclear power. The term does not mean that it contains nuclear weapons.

According to “Naval News” different models are possible:

Nuclear Powered Submarine (SSN)

Such a submarine can be used to spy and attack enemy ships.

Oscar Class Nuclear Submarine (SSGN)

These submarines are equipped with 24 high-velocity cruise missiles that can attack enemy ships.

Yasen Class Nuclear Submarine (SSGN)

These type of boats are equipped with missiles capable of hitting both ships and land targets. Submarines are considered the most powerful in the Russian Navy. One of them, the ferry Severodvinsk (K-560), was spotted in St. Petersburg in July.

Two Russian Kilo-class submarines are already stationed in the Mediterranean at the port of Tartus, Syria, where the Russian naval base is located. According to Navy reports, the submarines were stationed there before the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, but spend most of their time in port.


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