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Would Trump’s Efforts Turn his Fate in 2020 Elections?

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The first half of Donald Trump’s presidency certainly didn’t prove to be one that he can cherish, but things aren’t really that bad. After spending two years in a discord with the opposition as well as his own administration, the President has finally entered good times. However, is it really the fortune, the fast approaching presidential elections, or Trump’s attempt of leaving his legacy?

In last couple of weeks, the chaos has once again made people conscious of the turbulent Trump era, as things unexpectedly turned out in his favor. The long-standing nightmare of the President ended on March 24, when Attorney General William P Barr’s letter to Congress on the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report claimed no conspiracy between Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russian government.

The investigations — going on since even before Trump took office after becoming the US President — had almost convinced the entire America that their President had ties with Russian government, which helped him win the last presidential elections. However, the outcome was completely in contrast to these predictions.

The report, which is not yet made public entirely, still leaves several questions in the minds of people regarding the several convictions of former aides to the President, Trump’s reasons for avoiding the face-to-face confrontation with Mueller’s team, and his various unexplained interventions in the probe.

Moreover, certain of Mueller’s investigators have reportedly informed the associates that Barr has been unable to present the findings of the probe precisely. They say that a better description would have been quite disturbing for Trump.

The next day of the report, a long-standing demand of Trump’s US-Mexico border wall also got its first sign of accomplishment. On March 25, the Pentagon informed Congress that the Department of Defense has approved the transfer of up to $1 billion in military funds for construction of a wall on the south border.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan highlighted that despite several warnings from the top Pentagon officials regarding potential severe impacts on the Defense Department in the long run, President Trump wanted to proceed with the move.

The decision of shifting military funds to build a wall was extensively criticized by both the Democrats and the people. House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith said that the move attempts “to circumvent Congress” and uses “taxpayer money for the construction of an unnecessary wall”, for which the military is paying the cost.

The series of hitting the tough roads, however, didn’t end there. The subsequent day, Trump decided to touch yet another crucial subject, and this time it was healthcare. The President raised a surprise call to knock down the Affordable Care Act, claiming that Republicans would be the party of healthcare.

Trump backed the idea of replacing ObamaCare, but was warned by Senator Mitch McConnell that the Senate would not review the issue entirely before the 2020 Presidential elections. Nearly a week after, the President had to step back on his plans to introduce a Republican healthcare replacement for ACA.

In last few weeks, President Trump was seen overhauling the disarray created in the two years of his presidency. As elections near, things are either naturally turning in his favor, or they are being amended on purpose by Trump himself. While the efforts are becoming highly evident, the election results would certainly be interesting to witness.


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