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X Factor: Tommy Falls Off the Stage in Middle of his Performance

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2018

It would be a shocking moment for the viewers of X Factor to see the contestant fall off the stage while singing. The 20-year-old singer Tommy Ludford lost his footing and dramatically plunged off set backwards, during the ‘Six Chair challenge’ round of the ITV talent show.

He took a step backwards while performing an original song ‘Dipping Biscuits’ on his guitar, and stunned the judges as well as the live audience as he fell.

Ayda Field and Robbie Williams rose to their feet, and had their mouths wide open to the incident. As it happened, Dermot O’Leary swore and rushed to Ludford’s aid, as did other members of the production crew.

Ludford had visibly crashed hard to the floor. However, he climbed to his feet after a panicked few seconds, and raised his hand in the air to signal that he was fine.

The ‘Six Chair Challenge’ separates the candidates into four different categories, and they are each assigned a mentor for the show. Then, they are cut down mercilessly to just six per group.

The contestants sing individually in front of the judges, following which mentor of each act decides if they deserve to be one of the six coveted seats. However, they could also be knocked out if their mentor decides to replace them with a subsequent performer.

The fortunate six left in the chairs win a spot at judges’ houses, which is the last stage before the live finals.

However, for the latest season of the show, X Factor, a new element has been added to the challenge, that is, the Golden X. Under this, each judge will be given a right to offer an act a ‘safe seat’, or the Golden X, during the Six Chair Challenge. This will guarantee them a place for Judges’ Houses.

The performances of Saturday were a blend of everything from tears to tantrums, and even some extremely shocking moments for the judges.

The day also had one lucky contestant, Bella Penfold, who received the Golden X from Simon Cowell. Penfold threw herself on the floor and bawled her eyes out when she realised she was through to the next round.

The season seems pretty interesting in just the beginning. Guess there is lot more to this year’s show.

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