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Yohannes Nessibu Arrested Two Years After Northern Virginia Killing

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Last updated on May 8th, 2019

The continuous efforts to apprehend the murderer from Northern Virginia, have finally bore fruit after more than two years of struggle. According to the Fairfax County police, the killer moved to Ethiopia after killing the victims.

Yohannes Nessibu killed a couple, Henok Yohannes and Kedest Simeneh, on 22nd December, 2016. The victims were from the Fairfax and were only 22 years old.

In March 2017, Fairfax County grand jury indicted him with murder and weapons charges. However, he was not arrested as Ethiopia does not allow the extradition of its citizens.

Officials, while speaking with the media, on Monday said that the Ethiopian authorities charged Nessibu in February. He was apprehended on Friday, before boarding the 14-hour flight to Dulles International Airport. He was deported to the US and sent back to the Fairfax County.

Simeneh and Yohannes both studied in Northern Virginia Community College. The couple also worked at the health care industry and at the restaurant and moving company respectively. Although the officials have denied the knowledge of a motive for the killings, they are sure he knew the victims.

According to the Law authorities, Yohannes was caught up in the business of dealing drugs, mainly marijuana and Nessibu met him to purchase some. However, during the meeting something went sideways and Nessibu killed both Yohannes and Simeneh.

Yohannes was found dead inside his home and shot in the head and the neck. However, Simeneh was found collapsed against a tree with a shot on the head. Her body was found two miles away in Burke at the backyard of a home.

After the killings, Nessibu purchased a one-way ticket to Ethiopia for $3,000 from Dulles to Addis Ababa and left the country.

In regards with the arrest of the convict, Maj. Ed O’Carroll of Fairfax police of Northern Virginia said, “After two years and nearly six months, justice day has arrived.”

The attempts to reach the family of the victims on the arrest on the accused have been unsuccessful. According to County prosecutor Raymond Morrogh of Northern Virginia, extradition of the accused involved a “long series of negotiations and legal wranglings.” He also offered “heartfelt sympathies” to the victims’ family and friends.

“I am confident justice will be served,” he added.

As justice has waited for a long time, the victims’ family from Northern Virginia might want the court to provide a sentence to the accused at the earliest now. The efforts of law authorities to extradite the killer who fled to Ethiopia were persistent and might work in apprehending other indicted with similar charges.


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