December 1, 2022

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"You can't deny his talent and his will."

“You can’t deny his talent and his will.”

Take a bowling ball, wrap it in barbed wire, dunk it in a lighter liquid, set it on fire, throw that sucker at the spikes, and you’ll get closer to the viewing experience Damon Pierce Run backwards.

The Houston Texans rookie showed the national audience a bunch of furious running on Thursday night 29-17 His loss to the Philadelphia Eagles made him one of the most entertaining appearances in the NFL.

Pierce rushed for 139 yards in 27 loads Thursday night, passing the Eagles’ defense over and over again. The Novice remains the brightest spot in the Texas attack.

“It’s hard to stop,” coach Luffy Smith said in the official transcript. “You know, I don’t want to be a defensive linebacker when he’s head-to-toe running down the slope. You know, when I say keep moving, keep his legs moving, move the pile. What we want to be, a football team running. Physical attack running. Our back kind says it all in who we want to be.”

Calling Pierce physical seems like an understatement. He’s a recoil runner that pierces his arm like a grenade in Jell-O. It’s not just a long run, like Thursday night 36 yards. Pierce is able to take a 2-yard loss and turn it into a 3-yard gain. These kinds of runs keep offense on schedule.

“I’ve been saying it all year,” quarterback Davis Mills He said. “The running game helps a lot with the overall attack, it helps with passing the game and opening up other paths. But Dameon, I don’t even know if he thinks his coming this year how good he is going to be, but I see how hard he works, that’s not too surprising. He’s playing Good game after good game and he keeps going, fighting hard for extra yards.A lot of it goes, and it will tell you, too, how far he plays the offensive line. Troy (hairstyle) In the back open some holes. I think it’s a total effort, but you can’t deny his talent and his desire to get out there and make a bunch of yards every week.”

Halfway through the rebuilding process, the one-win Texans continue to search for the building blocks. They found a guard in Pierce.