December 2, 2022

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YouTube Go will no longer be available from August

YouTube Go will be shut down permanently in August. The YouTube team has announce That it will stop using the lightweight alternative for its main application, mainly because it has become unnecessary over the years. YouTube developed a Go app for users where connectivity is spotty, mobile data prices are exorbitant, and low-cost phones that can’t run the main app as well as more expensive devices may be common. The team explained that since Go first launched in 2016, YouTube has made a number of performance improvements to the main app.

Some of these upgrades allow the main app to run more efficiently on entry-level devices and for people with slow networks. The team says it’s also working on new controls that would help people reduce mobile data use if they have limited access to it, though it didn’t say when the new feature would be available. Go users are now advised to download the main app, which unlike the lightweight version allows people to comment, post, create content, and use the dark theme.

YouTube Go was initially available in the . format India And Indonesia before making his way from beta And it released widely again in 2017. In 2018, YouTube published it in more than 130 countries, so that more users can download the 10MB app. Now is the time to say goodbye. Like 9to5Google Notes, this raises questions about the need for Android Go In the future. The operating system allows cheap phones to run faster, but there may come a time when the main Android platform can run efficiently on low-end devices.

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