September 28, 2022

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Zelenskyj’s claim rejected: Kremlin critic warns of ‘visa war against Russians’

Zelensky’s request was rejected
Kremlin critic warns of “visa war against Russians”

Voices are growing louder to make it difficult or even impossible for Russians to enter EU countries. However, Navalny’s confidant Milov warns of a visa war against all Russians. He attacks Ukrainian President Zelensky in particular.

Vladimir Milov, a key Kremlin opponent, has warned of a “visa war against the Russians” given the debate in the EU over entry bans for his compatriots. A confidant of jailed Moscow opposition politician Alexei Navalny, some European politicians “spit” on Russians, considering them “trash” and “bastards”. This harms democratic values ​​preached in the West and plays into the hands of Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, Milov said in a video distributed on Navalny’s Telegram channel.

Milov, who lives in exile abroad, has also openly criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has called for Russians to be banned from entering Western countries. No one has the right to unite all Russians, even as the country fights back against Putin’s war of aggression. Milov stressed that Navalny’s group has been warning the West about “Putin’s mafia rule” for years. Even at the beginning of the war, Zelenskyy acknowledged that many Russians opposed the invasion and acknowledged that protests against the threat of sanctions in Russia were not easy. Now he wants to punish everyone.

“Russian youth do not support this war,” Milov said. He argued that young Russians should have the opportunity to study in the West to benefit their country in the post-Putin era. Milov openly praised President Olaf Scholz for not supporting the visa ban demanded by the Baltic states. Scholz had said that the attack on Ukraine was “Putin’s war”, not the war of the Russian people.

“When European politicians say that all Russians are equal, talking about democratic values ​​and world order misses their point,” he said. “Strategically, they are sending a signal to a large group of pro-Western Russians that there are no democratic values, but an ethnic conflict.” This applies to Putin. The Kremlin boss has long accused the West of conspiring against the Russians.

Denmark offers 141 visas to Russians

More recently, Denmark pushed for EU-wide restrictions on tourist visas for Russian citizens. “If a joint solution does not work, the Danish side will explore the possibility of introducing restrictions to reduce the number of Russian tourist visas,” Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod told the Ritzau news agency. “I am deeply ashamed that Russian tourists can bask in the sun and live a life of luxury in Southern Europe while Ukrainian cities are being bombed beyond recognition.” According to Ritsa, 141 tourist visas have been issued to Russian citizens by the end of May this year.

This means that relatively few Russian holidays come to Denmark compared to other Nordic countries such as Finland, which shares a 1300 kilometer border with Russia. The Czech Republic, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants to raise the visa ban issue at a meeting of EU foreign ministers at the end of August. Milov said he expects the proposal to be rejected.

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