November 29, 2022

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Zion Williamson day after day for pelican after sprained ankle

Zion Williamson day after day for pelican after sprained ankle

Miami – New Orleans Pelicans striker Zion Williamson The microscope underneath understands when it comes to injuries.

That’s why when he left Wednesday night’s 120-103 pre-season loss to the Miami Heat with a sore left ankle, he knew what to expect on social media before he looked at his phone.

“Twitter has really done what it is,” Williamson joked. “They are the doctors, it seems.”

It was easy for Williamson to joke that he avoided a serious injury. Williamson and Pelicans coach Willie Green said they expect the 22-year-old to progress daily. And beyond Wednesday’s match for precautionary reasons.

Green said the team does not expect Williamson to be out for an extended period of time.

Williamson rolled his ankle with 9:30 left in the second quarter on his way to the basket. When he stuck his left foot in an attempt to enter the passage around the heat center Dwyane DidmonWilliamson modified the ankle.

He continued playing for nearly three more minutes before coming out final before 6:42 left in the second quarter.

Williamson had 11 points in a 3-of-7 shot while walking 5 of 6 off the line in less than 11 minutes of work. He added four assists and two rebounds.

“It was one of those things where it happened, and it popped back in like, ‘Yeah, I’m straight,’” Williamson said. Then they sent me back just to check again. We wanted to look at it, took a look at the docs, and he just said he’s a little sore day in and day out. But outside of that, I personally feel pretty good. The bad news wasn’t out of the docs.”

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The Pelicans finished off the pre-season stage Friday in Birmingham, Alabama, against the Atlanta Hawks. They are knocking out the regular season on October 19 in Brooklyn against the Nets.

Asked if he’s been struggling with the hype surrounding his injuries, Williamson, who played 85 games in his first two seasons before missing last year with a broken right foot, said he’s bringing him back to the infamous big album “Ready To Die”. Williamson said the album “changed his life” and helped him focus throughout his rehab last season.

“I mean, I just learned that you are, that’s exactly how the world is,” Williamson said. “There is nothing I can do to change that. Such is the world.”

The Pelicans had been hoping to have their expected starting line-up in place on Friday, as the group has yet to play together before the start of the season. Brandon Ingram He has yet to come out after his first pre-season due to soreness in the left fifth toe, while CJ McCollum He played in only his second game of the pre-season on Wednesday.

Ahead of Wednesday’s game, Ingram told ESPN he was “feel good” and was making progress with his rehab process to put him in a position to play against the Hawks.